Mittwoch, März 21, 2007

WIP: Elsbeth by Rowan


now that I can move my fingers again, after trying to get p2tog tbl ( auf Deutsch 2 linke Maschen verschränkt zusammenstricken) right for a zillion times, I thought I might just show you my progress.

So far I have knitted the patternrepeat 2 times and somehow my p2tog tbl looks quirky but I'm getting better but I do have problems with the pattern.

I have to do yo & knitting 2 stitches together. Sometimes I should do a yo at the beginning but then my pattern is off... so I just knit these stitches like "normal" knitted stitches. I'm not sure if that is o.k. but I hope so...


Translation problems:
alternate means every second row??

Shape back neck:
Next row (RS): (K2tog) 0 [0:0:0:1] times, patt until there are 11 sts on right needle and turn
I'm knitting a medium size so do I have to k2tog at all?

Work each side of neck separately.
Cast off 5 sts at next row ( so far o.k.) Cast off rem. 6 stitches
( o.k. in the same row? Next row or what??)

With right side facing, rejoin yarn to rem. sts. cast off centre 16 [18:18:usw] patt to end.
Complete to match first side, reversing shaping.

How do I cast off at the end of a row????

Maybe one of you can help....



Lori hat gesagt…

Hi Tini, I'll see if I can help.

1) When I've had a yo that ends up at the beginning of a row, usually because decreasing or increasing on previous rows has caused the pattern to end with a yo at the edge, I start with the yarn in front so that when I knit it makes a wrap at the beginning. It's not as large a wrap as a yo but it will give you the hole that's intended for the next row when you purl it.

2) alternate means "every other row" so if you are doing a two-row repeat, it would be the second row. If you are doing a four-row repeat it would be rows 2 and 4.

3) You are correct that for your size, you do not need to k2tog. It looks like only the largest size needs to do this.

4) It sounds like there are 11 stitches at the shoulder. I believe you work all 11 on the RS, then cast off 5 sitches on the wrong side (working back towards the shoulder), work the remaining 6 stitches on the wrong side and then cast them off on the right side. Now you have the right shoulder done. Join yarn and cast off the 16 stitches in the center. Now I believe you'll have 11 stitches remaining for the left shoulder. Cast off 5, work the remaining 6 and then cast off those 6 on the wrong side. I may be wrong, but that's how I interpret it.

Anonym hat gesagt…

Geez, sounds like a complicated pattern. I agree with what Lori said above. Good luck!!! -Your SP10

Summerset hat gesagt…

I agree with Lori said - I understood it the same way she did. Regardless - It's very pretty!

Tini hat gesagt…

Thanks Lori,

Again about the yarn over. If I do it at the beginning of the row I simply have a stitch too much, so I decided just not to knit them.

The pattern itself is easy. Just knitting two together, knit one stitch yo, knit six and beginn again, but somehow I'm too stupid to knit 6 stitches sometimes... counting to 6 is hard sometimes ;)

madhatter hat gesagt…

au... ich kenne ja das muster nicht, aber vom lesen würde ich es auch so wie lori machen.
daß du am anfang eine masche zuviel hast, ist allerdings seltsam.
steht im muster irgendwas von "maintain stitch pattern"? dann würde ich den ersten pattern repeat auch auslassen und re stricken, damit die maschenzahl stimmt.

schaut auf alle fälle schon gut aus, find ich.