Sonntag, März 25, 2007

yarn p0rn

I think slowly this is turning into a knitting blog
( just kidding, but I did not sew much the last week but knitted quiet a bit) while listening to various podcasts.
Thru Knitters review I found Lime and Violet.

Miss V is facing cancer or better a pre-stadium of cancer... so I feel pretty close to her, beeing thru that myself but with one advantage. My insurance paid for most of the stuff. I had to pay enough of the "not straight science therapies" like misteltoe therapy or for my high dosed vitamin stuff but surgery, chemo & radiation as well as 3 week in a very boring hospital at the shores of the Northern sea ( about 1.5 hrs from here) to regain all my health while beeing there with 243 other women just 40 yrs older than me :)

But Miss Vs insurance is not paying for everything but the ladies paired up with Liza Souza
and they are selling a pink ribbon yarn to raise funds. Every extra Dollar will go to breast cancer organisations so I really think about getting the Miss Violet pink ribbon yarn

I think I will order this next month...

I will do yarn stash enhancement next week because there is a yarn facturer having a storage sale next week...

O.k. regarding my knitting progress:
Potato sock ( o.k. Pomatomus or so )... working on the heel on sock 1
Elsbeth: Just starting the raglan decrease on the back piece. I had to rip this thing a zillion time so far... how hard can it be to count to 6????

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Anonym hat gesagt…

Isn't it sad that insurances don't pay for things like this??? It makes me so mad! Thanks for the link to Lisa Souza's web page, she has some gorgeous yarns! --Your SP10