Sonntag, April 01, 2007

Chopsewy wool


I dyed the wool for chopsewy today ( remember the NY challenge? ).
She wrote me that she likes "red, orange, kiwi and teal" for colours.
I wanted to stick to that colourway ;) except for "teal".
I used Kool Aid, Easter egg colours and just normal cooking colours bought at a regular store ;)

So Sabine will be the hopefully proud owner of
"Kiwi on sunset" soon

sorry for the "Barschel-like" picture of the still very wet wool in my tube...


charlotte hat gesagt…

nice wool.
I had to think twice but now i remember barschel and the way he died. eerie...

Anonym hat gesagt…

Very nice, what a lucky girl!!! --Your SP10

chopsewy hat gesagt…

Ohh, so beautiful! I'm (almost) speechless! And very lucky! And happy! I love those colours - and I do love bad jokes about dead men in tubs!
Thank you again - and sorry that I didn't notice this post earlier.