Montag, April 02, 2007

Corset part III: The outer shell

O.k. this is going to be a boring post but at last I'm sewing again on the corset.

The outer shell, made out of dark red linen is assembled the same way as the inner shell, except that you just have to make 1 layer instead of 2.

This is why, there are no pics of the assembly but of the assembled part.
Something this curvy does not photograph well, so please excuse the bad pic.

I'll be taking a printing with wooden stamps class at the end of April at blauweisschen, so I'm thinking of bringing the outer shell with me to embellish it there. Maybe with an art deco design? I promise this is not just an excuse not to work on the corset.

What do you think?

If I decide to put stamping on the corset I will put the channelling just onto the base layer, if not I will sew thru all 3 layers.

Summerset has this kind of nice feature: Parting shot and now you are getting one from me too.

I have to admit, I'm a bad kitten mommy ;) I really prefer one of the cats over the other.
Cookie is cute but Greebo is so close to my heart.
He is just a little bundle of fur, that is frightend by everything like the noise of a plastic bag, the doorbell, other people and beeing outside.
I guess he must have made bad experiences in the first 15 weeks of his life, when he was not with us.
Greebos former owner told us "He loves men most" but Greebo feels safest around me. He is with me all the time. In my sewing room or when I sit on the couch watching tv and knit.
Greebo is hopping onto my lap as soon as I sit down at the couch and sleeps there for hours. He complains a lot when I get up and when Heiko ( who is sitting next to me takes him to cuddle with him, he returns after 2,343 miliseconds)
So here is my bundle of love sleeping on my velvet, that I'm going to emboss at blauweisschen


Summerset hat gesagt…

Very cute kitty! Thanks for mentioning me!

As far as the corset - yes, I can definitely see it stamped. Take it with you and explore all the ideas. Take some scraps of the red fabric if you have any so you can experiment before you commit. I can see the red stamped with glittery gold art deco designs.

Annika hat gesagt…

I agree with Summerset - stamp the corset! By the way, I sent a package to you yesterday - hopefully you'll get it in the next week or so! Have fun!

Isabelle hat gesagt…

Oh, you're making the Silverado! I love that corset design. You chose a beautiful colour. Stamping it would be great.

Your kitty is so sweet! I love Summerset's parting shots too, and was thinking about doing the same thing! :)

disa hat gesagt…

I love it ! Very creative ! That's actually really cool Thanks.