Sonntag, April 08, 2007

Happy Easter and happy birthday me :)

o.k. I had the house full of guests today (and will tomorrow) so I got just a little time to post but this will be easier than sending a zillion "Thank you" emails today (they will be written soon, I promise)
So here are my official thank you's
DH - Thank you for the most gorgeous necklace ever (pic to follow) and a great very unexpected CD!
My parents:  For something for new shoes :) or garden chairs ;)
My sis and hubby: for a cool grill
my nieces: for cute self drawn pics ( pic will follow)
my in-laws: for books for my book ( still not over 4 sentences long), a great new shirt, some plates and cups of my sundays best
and for this great book Lace Style.  Click on the link for the content. I'm already in love with a dozen of patterns :)
my granny in law: for a gift coupon for roses!!!! for the garden! I LOVE ROSES
my sis MIL and friends: for mr. pad
Thanks to all of you, who send emails, phone calls, comments here, personal messages via various mesage boards and e-cards. It is so special to me, that you all thought about my birthday today! Thank you, you made my day today and I find it amazing, that we all connected thru our hobbies and that you all care!!! THANK YOU


Kerstin hat gesagt…

*sing along* Happy Birthday to you...
Or in elvish...
Hûniel îst! Almién!

Bobbi hat gesagt…

Happy Birthday!!!!

charlotte hat gesagt…

I am oh so curious...what about that book? btw, mr. pad is cool! what a nice idea.

of course we care! we are all sewing sisters ;-)

iris-julimond hat gesagt…

Liebe Tini

ich habs verschwitzt. Es tut mir so leid, aber ich war ein paar Tage nicht online.
Trotzdem heute noch ganz liebe Geburtstagsgrüße an dich, nicht minder herzlich gemeint.
Liebe Grüße
Iris, die sich jetzt ne runde schämen geht.

Isabelle hat gesagt…

Happy belated birthday, Tini! Sounds like you had a fabulous one :) Such great, thoughtful gifts from loving relatives :)

madhatter hat gesagt…

bet you had a good time :)
TONS of presents and LOTS of cake... mmmmh... think i come over next year for the leftovers!

btw: your rss doesn't work properly...
i've changed my feed subscription to atom - hopefully this will work better