Dienstag, April 03, 2007

Kiwi in the sunset: now dried

o.k. please don't envision dried kiwis here.
We are still speaking "yarn". The yarn for chopsewy is dried and I have spend some long time winding it today and yesterday and the yarn is yummy. I love it.

I hope Sabine (chopsewy) will knit a swatch soon, so I can see how it will knit up. I used a different technique this time and different dye:

1. The wool:
Möller Garn "Marathon" in Wool & Polythings ;)
Please don't ask me about the yardage per 50gr.
I dyed 100g to be enough for a pair of socks

2. The dye:
Easter egg dye ( the cold dye stuff ) in red & yellow
Food colouring (Schwartau)
Kool Aid in "Mandarine"

I used the Easter egg dye and the Kool Aid first "pure" and with a little left in the bucket I just added other colours of Food colouring to get different shades of orange and the red Easter egg dye just turned kind of pink.
The green is pure Food colouring :)

3.  The method
I used the cold pour method from the spring 07 Knitty article where I got the inspiration for using the green with all the shades of red & oranges.
I even used my table to wind the skein, which was kind of exhausting and even with the wrapped thru waste yarn ( undyed! ) I had some problems with winding the skein.

And here it is in all its glory :)

and now my random pic

This is glass-art seen in the V & A museum in London during last years pattern review weekend :)


Summerset hat gesagt…

That yarn is absolutely gorgeous. Wow! The color scheme is so alive and vibrate - I love the reds, oranges and bit of green! For some reason, seeing it all wound into a ball like that really makes the colors sing!

charlotte hat gesagt…

great! never knew you could use food colours. hope we see the results.

Isabelle hat gesagt…

Fantastic yarn, Tini!

Tany hat gesagt…

Fantastic!!! I will tell Monica to visit you and read this tutorial!! Thanks!

madhatter hat gesagt…

usually i don't like green combined with red, but that really looks yummy!

chopsewy hat gesagt…

yippieh! I'm getting a multicoloured easter-egg!! Tini, again: thank you so much - I really love the colours and can't wait to see the yarn!
The glass-art-object is just fantastic. Somehow it reminds me of my sisters hairdo!

Annika hat gesagt…

I remember that Dale Chihuly blown glass monstrosity in the V&A - I love his work! He does live in Seattle, you know - he's very famous here. I hope you like what I sent you and Happy Birthday to you! My birthday is Friday the 6th, but since I was born on Easter Sunday - oh at least one hundred and forty nine years ago -(you know Easter changes date every year) I get to celebrate my birthday on Sunday too!