Freitag, April 06, 2007

Knitting Stash 03-07

I decided to make this a monthly habbit. Post a pic of my yarn stash ( maybe I'll do that for my fabric stash on a 3monthly basis too but at the moment there isn't much destashing...)

Remember the stash from feburary?

and now to the real embarrassment. My march stash... argh

serious enhancement...

I did get rid of most of my blue cotton while finishing my peppermint twist and 100gr of the taupe rowan yarn for Elsbeth and 50gr of sock yarn for my Pototatomuousous socks ;) as well as 100gr of sockyarn, that I dyed for chopsewy.
That was kind of instant destashing ;) and the fun of dyeing!

I promise not to buy more yarn for me until finishing Elspeth and start tempting :)


Summerset hat gesagt…

Are you trying to keep yourself honest? LOL. Goodness, all that yarn is wonderful!

Anonym hat gesagt…

There is no such thing as too much yarn! --Your SP10

Tany hat gesagt…

It's past midnight now so, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!!!!!!!!!

Annika hat gesagt…

Happy Birthday Tini!!! Your yarn stash is quite civilized compared to my chaos!