Sonntag, April 15, 2007

Summer dress Part 1

o.k. as mentioned before: I'm going on a 3 day class at blauweiss'chen, which is a company specialized in blueprinting or stamping with wooden stamps on fabric. Their collection is 2000 pieces big, so there is a lot to choose from.

I'm going to embellish my corset, a curtain (maybe more for the kitchen too. I do have some cotton here and I think that  3 days may be a little much time. I should have gotten just 2 I guess but I will see what is in my stash, that likes to be stamped on. Maybe some cotton for quilting someday... or for a handbaglining... I'm on a pretty tight buget at the moment so, I can't buy new fabric for that purpose. I'm going to a sale this afternoon, where they do get rid of fabric and wool from an old lady. Maybe I can find something there! ) and I do want to embellish a sheath dress (sp?).

I was inspired by tany's great dress and have looked into my pattern stash and came up with 3 possible patterns and need your help choosing!

The fabric will be linen in mauve or more kind of dove coloured. ( mental note: take pic )

so here are the possible patterns

First: from the dec. 2005 patrones
click on the pics to enlarge!

the next two are from burda 02/2001 and 12/2004

I had to re-draw the last one.

As you can see in the following pic, I'm kind of an H-shaped person:

so I thought the patrones pattern might be nice to give the illusion of a waist.
The last pattern is great for embellishing though!
I need your opions!
And thanks for the praise over at chopsewy for the wool I dyed for her. Maybe I should take orders ;)

And here my parting shot for today:
coconut-rasberry-quark(kind of very sour and more fluid cream cheese)-cake made by me this morning. Still warm in the pan!


madhatter hat gesagt…

I'll come over and have a piece of cake in your back yard... and then we go and pick a pattern.
I really like the first one, though I don't think your an "H".
I can see your waist in the last pic!

charlotte hat gesagt…

I'll have hot chocolate with this wonderful cake. there is charlotte written all over it ;-)

you can embellish everything. believe you me.

KayBee hat gesagt…

I like the 2/2001 best, but that's my personal opinion (of course).
I don't think either, that your a "H", more a pear shape, I would say, but in the end, y o u have to like what you wear, so go with what your gut instinct tells you.

Tany hat gesagt…

Thanks for mentioning me Tini! I second Kaybee, my favorite is the 2/2001 too! And that cake looks so delicious!

chopsewy hat gesagt…

I like the last one best, but I think the Patrones dress will look nicer with the embellishment you are planning. And I agree with the others: I don't think you're an "H".

have fun at blauweiß'chen!

Anonym hat gesagt…

Both of them are very nice!!! I think you would look great in either one! And mmmmmm....käsekuchen! --Your SP10

Kerstin hat gesagt…

You'll become an H if you eat the cake all alone.. *fg*

But I would prefer the Burda dress because of the vertical seams. They will flatter your figure even more, because they give the dress a shape below the bust.
I'm afraid that the other dress will look a little bit "pregnant".

Summerset hat gesagt…

Well, I like all the dresses. For embellishing, though, I like the Patrones. There are less vertical seams to interrupt the pattern of stamping. I would eliminate the ribbon tie around the waist and stamp that center waist section in a smaller coordinating stamp and closer together. That would create a definite difference in that midriff section, creating an illusion of a waist. I can see all sort of solids with beautiful metallic stamping - larger on the bodice and skirt and smaller on that midriff.

Tini hat gesagt…

Hi everybody,

thanks for the input. I did trace the burda pattern (the one with the sleeves btw. that is the 2004 pattern. Messed that up ) and will make a muslin but I will also trace the patrones pattern and make a muslin too. I'm thinking of getting some white cotton for the second one and if that is great I will embellish the white dress itself too, so that I do have 2 summerdresses.
So tonight after Danish classes it will be tracing or cutting out muslin 1. I just have 1 week! EEEK!
I guess no knitting in the evening!