Sonntag, April 22, 2007

Summerdress(es) part 3

If you are reading at or at you have seen my attempts on fitting the burdadress 107 from the 
I did a lot of different alterations to the pattern to try to get a decent fit.
Most of them did not work :(
See pics here and here. Or at my flickr album
But here is what I did in the end:
letting out the seam over the bust 0.7cm on each seam
Adding 1.5 cm to the front
Side seams:
letting out the seam by 1.4 cm total over the hips and taking it in a little at the waist
and here it was getting tricky
I took in the CB at the waist a little because if I took it in further I got wrinkles
I let out the CB over the hip around 1 cm
I lowered the right hip because it seems I do have uneven hips
A horizontal tuck of about 1.5 cm to take it in a little ( I did get a forward swung side seam so this was neccesary...) and for the next dress to be cut I will lengthen the pattern ;) SMILE.

I think I'll need some darts in the back but DH isn't the best fitting partner although he really tries to help. Thanks Heiko :) I love you, although you don't read my blog ;)

I also altered the sleeve but I'm running out of time till monday morning, when all dresses should be cut. I decided that I won't be able to fit another pattern, so I'll cut the pink linen now with the same pattern! And the white fabric will get an all over print :)

And here is my newest toy ( take this as a parting shot ;) )


madhatter hat gesagt…

wooha! ein ipod.
sowas aber auch!
viel spaß mit dem neuen spielzeug!!! :)

Kerstin hat gesagt…

The dress looks definitely better! Good work!

Summerset hat gesagt…

The dress looks much better! I agree that it needs some back darts, deeper at the waistline of course. Unless you have a fitting partner who knows what they're doing, that's going to be difficult. I fit all my clothes myself and I know how hard it can be. I call my mother in-law when I'm desparate (she's excellent, but busy, too)! I must train one of the children to help me!