Samstag, April 28, 2007

Summerdresses part 4

o.k. I'm home from my 3 day class at blauweiss'chen and it was great.
My digicam is out of batteries so I just can show you one of the dresses I printed onto
This is the lilac dress on which I printed with a geometric rose motiv in a purple colour (as always click on the pics to enlarge)

Here's a close up of the medium sized motive

The time at blauweisschen was a blast. We were such a great group! I highly recommend taking classes there during the week. If you are more than 10 people, you can book them just for your group! I was so lucky to have a seamstress there, who took the class on printing too and the helped me fitting the dress!

I did a lot of more things but I have to show it to you next weekend because I'll be taking care of my grandma next week. I'll knit there a lot and will try to sew the lilac dress!

And my parting shot is my now handprinted curtain for my sewing room. COLOUR!!!


Biby Cletus hat gesagt…

Nice post, its a really cool blog that you have here, keep up the good work, will be back.

Warm Regards

Biby Cletus - Blog

KayBee hat gesagt…

Oh Tini, I envy you! I would love to take a class as well.... one day.. who knows.
I like your hand printed curtain, really spring-y!

madhatter hat gesagt…

so beautiful!
the curtain are blauweisschen stamps, too - right?
both, the dress and the curtain, turned out beautiful!!!

Summerset hat gesagt…

Beautiful and feminine! I can't wait to see your other items!

chopsewy hat gesagt…

oh, everything you made turned out so beautiful. I really love that curtain! One day, I'll take a Blauweiß'chen class, too ...

Annika hat gesagt…

Oh how cool! I've been meaning to get some white curtains for my living room and stamp them with pale blue paisleys...maybe you can show me how next year?

Åsa hat gesagt…

Wow, the dress and the curtains both look great! I too would love to take a class.