Samstag, Mai 12, 2007

my 2 minutes of podcast fame

Hi everybody,

I'm exhausted, have a cold and I'm in a major sewing/knitting/everything slump.
I just feel like doing NOTHING but beeing me, that is not possible, because I have a tight schedule with different things to do EVERY SINGLE DAY this week. Today I have 2 things on my list or better had because I went to a friends birthday for brunch already. Somehow I need to rest like lying on the sofa with a book and a cup of tea for a couple of days but that is not going to happen soon, so I need to get rid
of that cold to start.

So I have nothing to show. My corset is beeing worked on but very little and I do have a very bad conscience because of not returning a borrowed steel cutter for sooo long. But I need the cutter for the corset. So I need to work on that thing!

Beeing exhausted results in unlucky things sometimes. I'm making finish cinnamon rolls for the meeting tonight. We are going to watch the Eurovision Song Contest with friends and because it is in Helsinki I volunteered to make Finish Cinnamon rolls BUT instead of putting cardamom into the dough I did put in Gramam Massala.

Gnarf... I had to re-did it...

I think I will go into bed soon but there are some news to tell & to show.

I'm mentioned in a podcast!!! yeah!!!
go over to check episode 12 & 13 for my destashing tips on I was pretty excited to hear my name!

And I do have a new haircut. THe pic is baaaaad and I look pretty tired but here it is!


KayBee hat gesagt…

Oh Tini, I hope you come out of this slump soon.
and.. forgive me... but you do look tired!...Take a rest and watch the Eurovision.... don't miss Dervish, it's the Irish entry! :-)

elan hat gesagt…

Did you bake the rolls,i'd bet they'd be good as a side dish with dinner.

Anonym hat gesagt…

I thought that was you that they mentioned! Congrats! And your haircut is really cute! Don't worry about your slump, we all have those times, just take it easy and relax and do what your heart desires. --your sp10

Summerset hat gesagt…

LOL! Garam Masala in the rolls! Yes, quite a bit different than cardamom, and much further than Finland!

Cute haircut - the sweater color is perfect for you - it really brings out your eyes!

Annika hat gesagt…

Very pretty hair style! I sympathize with you - I have been the world's laziest slug lately myself, tired, lethargic, slothful. Garam Marsala in rolls sounds good to me, but, you know, I'd be too lazy to re-make them...
Get well soon!

madhatter hat gesagt…

tadaaaaaaaaaaa! a star is born :)
congrats, tini!
maybe i should try your destashing tips myself.... *sigh* it's growing....

and the new haircut is very pretty!

Kerstin hat gesagt…

Sounds like an interesting new taste of cinnamon rolls. Maybe they would have become a new hit. ;)

You'`re getting famous.. cool.. can I have your autograph? ;)

Abi hat gesagt…

Love the haircut, and the new blog look.( Sorry it has been transformed for some time, just playing catchup)