Samstag, Mai 05, 2007

A very cool weekend

I'm baaaaack!
After 3 glorious days in Davensberg at blauweisschen and a week with my Grandma ( 92 yrs old and half deaf... do I need to say more ) without any internet access I came back yesterday evening,
went out on a roleplay evening ( Nephillim btw.) and left the house today at lunchtime for a whisky convention ;)
Cool weekend, huh? yeah!

But to make it even more kool, ( spelling mistake intended! ), when I got home there were 2 belated birthday presents for me.
The yummiest stitchmarkers ever. I love stitch markers! and these cute little apples will be perfect when knitting with larger needles.

Thank you Mäddi!

And then there was a package from Annika.

She told me, that she found 2 Rowan knitting mags for me but look what I got!

and "Embellishing chic" by Connie Long!

Thank you Annika!

And this morning ( very early... around 9 a.m. which is very early when you got into bed at 3 a.m.) my SP10 parcel came in!!

It is awesome. And I made noises like Lime and violet when getting yarn! go, listen to their podcast! I laugh so hard sometimes, that my coffee gets into my nose :) or the kids in the bus look weird at me ;)

I was very good and waited until DH was awake too, so that he could share my joy!

So this was the first sight:
Isn't the paper already glorious? I love hibiscuses:

And this is what was in there:

There was Knitting vintage socks by Nancy Bush! More knitting patterns! and there are various toes and heel pattterns in there.

Funny Hawaiian snacks.
2 of them are delious and the third is interesting. I bet they are great if you like sea-weed but somehow I just don't like sea-weed. I'm totally into wasabi, so I might just try to peel the sea weed off!

A very colourfull block of notes papers ( you know like post it notes? What is the word for that?) and a little sheep on some elastic. Darn cute. I guess it would be a great stitch marker too.

Funny fabric again! The book was wrapped in quilting fabric and the most glorious thing ever was wrapped into a self sewn gift-wrap thing, that is re-useable! How great.

And now, please fasten your seat-belts.


Out of Wollmeise yarn. And they are just perfect.

more pics are on my flickr album!

And of course when taking pics, the most curious cat in this household had to have a look

Thank you again, all of you!!!!! Your gifts are so thoughtfull!


Tany hat gesagt…

WOW!!! That's what I call a beautuful day!! I can say the same about "my" yesterday: got two knitting mags from Toya, received the book "All About Silk" just in time for my next project and last but not least, I bought myself a new sewing machine!!! Yay!!!

Thank you for your very nice comments at my blog and for the happy birthday wishes! BIG HUG and welcome back!

Annika hat gesagt…

Wow - those socks are INCREDIBLE!!! And hey, maybe your cats would like to eat the seaweed! It's so salty - my cats sometimes like it, sometimes not. They're fickle.
I am relieved that my package finally got to you. I hope you can use the Kool Aid - I tried to find a bunch of different flavors so you would have several colors to play with. Have fun!

madhatter hat gesagt…

those.SOCKS!!! O.O
ooooh... beautiful! you don't really need them, do you? *hint, hint*

i think i want some insights in that Rowan "Beach Cool" magazine - seems there are some small knits inside. maybe you can give us something to spy?

i'm happy the stitch markers finally arrived and you like them - seems they took *forever* to arrive, but now they'll be happily used :)

Anonym hat gesagt…

oh i am so glad you like them and that they fit!!! and you got some really good gifts too!!!

--your sp10

Bobbi hat gesagt…


Summerset hat gesagt…

Neat socks! What a fun gift! Aren't cats always curious?