Montag, Mai 21, 2007

wedding pics

Isabelle from the Kitty Couture is getting married in August and is going to make her own wedding dress.
Summerset posted cool pics of her wedding, for which she had made her own dress too.

So I got into memories and decided that I would show you MY wedding dress too ( despite the fact that I did not sew a single stitch on the dress. I got it for 25 USD from ebay....)

I still love the dress!


Tany hat gesagt…


Kerstin hat gesagt…

Oh! I love weddings.. drinks all around! *arrrrrrr*
Ups.. just kidding. ;)

Anonym hat gesagt…

WHAT? $25???? That's amazing! What an incredible buy!
--your sp10

Annika hat gesagt…

Incredible deal on that gorgeous dress! Over the weekend I hosted a party for some friends and during the party we all got online and bought a wedding dress for one of the ladies present who is getting married in August! She was thrilled!
I love both pictures of you and your hubby, but my favorite one is the 2nd one where he is lounging against the bridge smiling at you in your gorgeous gown.

Abi hat gesagt…

Stunning.Very Beautiful Bride

Isabelle hat gesagt…

Oh Tini! Thank you so much! Your dress was gorgeous, I love its simplicity. You were a gorgeous bride!! Thank you, you just made my day :) ♥

Summerset hat gesagt…

Beautiful - it really doesn't matter how you get your dress, as long as you're a happy couple. Obviously, you are!