Sonntag, Mai 20, 2007

Off to the frog pont

What a weekend! We spend nearly the whole weekend outside or (this just me! ) knitting/crocheting while watching tv or becoming the godmother of the baby that always cries except for beeing with mum/dad OR ME! ha!
We picked up my fathers high pressure cleaner yesterday at lunch (after backing some nice carrot cake for the christening ) and cleaned the 2 sheds. The pre-owner of our house neglected everything and we need to paint the sheds soon, so we used my fathers high pressure cleaner to get the dirt of 8 yrs from the sheds.
They look so much better. My neighbour (one of the nice ones) mentioned that they look so much better that she things that we don't need to paint... of course we have to but still.

The stone desert aka the front yard isn't a stone desert anymore and we can start the planting now :)

But now on to the frog pont.

I ripped out ALL of the channels for the corset and will start all over, so no progess on that. I took around 1232343908420938049380 pictures but will use another technique now, so I can start ALL OVER... gnarf...

and I finished sewing together Elspeth and crocheting the crochet thing around the neckline and the sleeves and now it looks like this ( I had to cut out my head because I looked sooooo p*ssed)

I know that I'm not wearing it right but my pullover is not slippery enough
and here is the back view

My first try for a remedy was to insert a ribbon thru the dc crocheting
( and here is at least a better pic of my new haircut)

but there are weird wrinkles in the back and now the crocheted edge looks like a ruffle. Any ideas for another remedy?

So, off to the corset!


KayB hat gesagt…

oh sh....ugar.
IMHO you have too many stitches around your neckline. Maybe you should have skipped every other one... but that's just my 2 cent.
If the worst comes to the worst and you really can't live with it, you would have to do it again, with less stitches around the neckline. Sorry! no other idea.

Anonym hat gesagt…

Sorry, I have no ideas for the Elspeth, but it does look like there's too many picked up stitches? Good luck with finding a remedy! -your not so secret pal

Annika hat gesagt…

well hum. I have no idea either. But you do have a beautiful haircut. Nice spotty frog, too - It looks a bit like a Holstein cow.

madhatter hat gesagt…

I quite like the ruffly look, but who asks me.... ?!

Isabelle hat gesagt…

Some days are just like that, aren't they?
I do like your cardigan, though - like madhatter, I think the ruffle is pretty. But I am a complete ignorant when it comes to knitting.

You look great with your new haircut, they bring out your eyes beautifully!

Abi hat gesagt…

Tini, I think the edge is ruffled because you have picked too many stitches.You may need topick 2:3 or even 1:2 stitches to pull the neck edge in.
Great to see it finished.

charlotte hat gesagt…

a nice pattern, beautiful color, too. it's to big, hard to do it again. but well worth it, I think.

what a cool frog! call him kampfzwerg, just my guy. what, if I kiss him?