Montag, Juni 25, 2007

Back from Copenhagen

Hi everybody,

I'm back at home :) thanks for the compliments on Tempting II so far :) it is nearly done. I need to find a buckle though and finish the second underarmsleeveseam :)

I stayed with Maria and her family closeby Copenhagen and I knitted a lot and sewed a very little bit. I fixed one of my Jeans a la Madhatter (pic will follow ) I did not sew a stitch on my dress though.

So, what did I do in Copenhagen with DH?
First we went to castle Christiansborg
and visited the royal ceremony rooms. Sooo great. I esp. loved the pic from 1890something with the whole royal family. Sooo many great dresses in there.
Next we did some shopping and then we went to the Townhall

and after that I needed a cup of coffee at the famous Café Norden

The sock that traveled with me is "Hedera" in "Forbidden Love" for Annika.

I even went to a yarn store in Ugelöse with Maria and bought some yarn for a friend, who's dealing with cancer at the moment, which Maria, Rasmus & I dyed a day after.

The rest of the time we were knitting, laughing, watching movies, having bbq and just had a great time.

I even got Maria knitting again (after a 10 yr hiatus)

On sunday we went to church with Maria because she is sining in the church choir and then went to a rosarium, so my closing for the next couple of entries will be roses and other flowers. Hope you like them!


Annika hat gesagt…

Oh, what a gorgeous sock! I am glad you had fun in Denmark with Maria! And that sock! What a world traveler it has become!
Oh, I meant to ask, would you be interested in an envelope swap? Chopsewy and I have swapped decorated envelopes - I'll post some on my blog soon.

bockstark.knits hat gesagt…

oooh, that hedera is gorgeous! love those deep rich reds! i think it's hilarious that we both went somewhere at the same time and did the same thing (sock pics with scenic backgrounds)! sounds like you had a lot of fun!!!

madhatter hat gesagt…

yeah, it really rocks! wonderful colorway!
and... are that ebony needles i see? oh, i envy you for those!
where did you get them?