Freitag, Juni 08, 2007

Corset Part VI: the front closure (busk)

Getting closer to finishing!
I did already cut the boning (spiral steel boning) and now I do have had the pleasure to do the front closure AGAIN.

Mark the needed opening for the busk
and next sew the seam, leaving the spaces open, where the eyes (gnarf, I think I'm doing pretty well English wise but sometimes there is a def. lack of words!)

Trim the s.a., press, turn and press again

Next close the other sideseam, trim s.a., press and turn.

Press again. Now you do have a tube :)

Insert the eyepiece thru the opening ( that is a little tricky! You might need help or a lot of patience) and baste.

Use your zipperfoot and sew very close to the busk.

Now the other side: The nubby side
First close the front seam, press, trim the s.a., turn and press again.

Now abutt the corset pieces and mark the places where it nubbs have to come thru the topfabric

Sorry for that blurry pic :)
After that I got the nubby stuff out and closed the backseam, pressed the seam, trimmed the s.a. turned the tube, pressed it and then I fiddled the nubby piece back in :) and basted around it

And now you have to use an awl or whatever to poke thru the top fabric.

In my case that was pretty easy to do without other stuff, I just fiddle around with the fabric

After that I did get the nubby thing out and closed the back seam the same style I did close it on the other side. Fiddled the nubby part back in and basted around it
Next sew around it with my zipperfoot again!

Here it is :)

Next will be the bias binding! So more handsewing!


Tany hat gesagt…

It's perfect, Tini! Keep up the good work, I can't wait to see it finished!

Annika hat gesagt…

Wow! That is really coming together well! Very very pretty!

Anonym hat gesagt…

Next will be the bias binding! So more handsewing!

I can't wait to see the finished product.

PS I always put my bias binding on by machine.


KayB hat gesagt…

Oh wow... that's looking great so far! I love hand sewing, for me it's like meditating.

Summerset hat gesagt…

Really nice! Great job putting in the busk with the eyelets and all! Handsewing is great - you can just relax and the let your mind wander a bit. Sort of like knitting.

disa hat gesagt…

I love it ! Very creative ! That's actually really cool Thanks.