Sonntag, Juni 10, 2007

Corset Part VII: Making the bias binding

O.k. after finishing the work at the busk, the next step is to close the lower edge with bias binding.

I wanted the bias strip to match the corset perfect, so I decided to make my own with some leftover fabric.

First cut a square out of your fabric, the bigger the square is, the less seams your bias binding will have and the more bias binding you will get

Next: Cut the square into 2 triangles by cutting the square at a 45° angle and mark the wrong side

as well as the s.a. (see next pic)
Right sides together, place 2 short rows over one another, so that the other 2 short sides are opposite eachother
I have highlighted my markings here, they aren't as wide or as white.
Pin the seam, sew it and press the seam allowance open

I'm using a 2.5cm biasbinding maker by Prym, so I needed to mark 4.8cm wide stripes (I went for 5cm, which was o.k. )

With the right sides together place the remainging short sides onto each other up overlap 1 stripe on one side, so that you have a tube but one stripe is free and you can start cutting after sewing the seam and pressing the s.a. open

After cutting, trimm the s.a. of the short rows.
For making the acutal bias binding you'll need your iron and your bias binding maker next.
Insert the bias binding into the bias binding maker from the wide side, maybe with the help of a pin and be carefull to get the remains of the s.a. also fed in evenly.
Pull the bias binding maker lightly and press the folded strip, that will form on the smaller side of the bias binding maker

Pin the bias strip to the lower edge of the corset,

sew the seam, trim the s.a. to taste and wrap the bias binding around the s.a., pin in place and handsew it to the foundation fabric

Next step: Cut the spiral boning and the other boning :) and add caps to the boning.
Unfortunately I can't count and have ordered not enough caps ( just for one side...*DUH* ), so I placed an order tonight. Stay tuned because now the steel is coming!