Donnerstag, Juni 14, 2007

Ever wondered what kind of music I like?

Hey :) I might be the last person in the blogsphere who discovered how to post a youtube video but late is better than never!

o.k. here is a video that is playing on and on again (and I won't post the video with the m++++++++ing word and bare chests from Rock am Ring 2007 which was aired on German tv because some of my international readers might be offened :) if you would be, please never come to a German beach in summer!

"Stone sour - thru the glass *acoustic*

the real video is to be found at

another one "Fray" with "how to save a life"

and an old favourite of mine (pretty unknown here in Germany)
Better than ezra "porcelaine"

And a warm welcome to Elem & The J to this blog! Thanks for dropping by :)

I casted on for Latoya today but it seems that a size S will be too big ?????
and I needed to try out my new ball winder!!! yay!

o.k. I'll go working on my summerdresses again!


Tany hat gesagt…

Tini, you're not the last person in the blogosphere who discovered how to post a youtube video; I am!

Hugs from Portugal!

Summerset hat gesagt…

Nope, Tany, you're not it, either. It's me. I've *thought* about it, but haven't even looked for directions!