Freitag, Juni 01, 2007

NKP time

New Knitting Projects so to say because at the way home from work I made the last stitches on my SP 10 pal project and now there is nothing on my needles! I swatched the Rowan 4ply I got from Abi when we met in London in March (btw Abi somehow I can't comment on your blog!) and I was looking for a pattern for it. I had NO idea till last week, wenn my SP 10 spoilee found out, who I am and send me the Victorian Lace book! yeah! K, you shouldn't have!!!!!!!
So this will be my next project

Miss Lamberts Shawl. It is to be knit on size 4 needles or so but I had to order some Addi Lace needles because I keep breaking my fingers while trying to knit that one with normal needles. I'm going to skip the border though because I want something to wrap around the neckline in autumn

and then there is Tempting II from knitty, to be knit in the teal merino I got at Hamburg in April!
Not to forget the socks for Annika, but I don't have a pattern yet. Annika, what kind of socks do you like to have out of this lovely sock yarn that I call "forbidden love" (it is darker when not in bright sun...)
btw if you haven't heard of it. There is a new very hilarious podcast from Munich available, called Knitters uncensored (in English), where 3 non-Germans who are living in Munich at the moment talk about knitting, squishy bread and weird German behaviour :)



Annika hat gesagt…

Tini - concerning socks - surprise me! You know I have the biggest feet in Christendom! One time a friend looked at my feet and said "Whoa! What size boats do you row?" :D

Ms. B hat gesagt…

Hi Tini! Thanks for mentioning our podcast, glad you like it! We're planning on talking about all kinds of fun stuff (esp. weird German behavior!!!) stay tuned!!!

chopsewy hat gesagt…

Wonderful new projects, Tini, Miss Lambert's shawl looks lovely! I was thinking about ordering lace needles too, so I hope you will tell us if they are really better.