Freitag, Juni 15, 2007

SP 10 is over!

Todays the last day of the secret pal 10 exchange and it was fun!
Each one of us got a upstream pal and a downstream pal :) but honestly I don't remember what that meant, was the person I spoiled my downstream pal or my upstream pal?

Nevertheless it was fun to spoil Karina from Kaybee Knits.
Fun thing is, that Karina and I have already met a couple of times and we are exchanging stuff already from time to time :) me is getting cough sirup and she is getting licorice ;)

So, here you can see, what she got from me.
The last package included a needlecase (book) for circular needles that I made myself. If you are interested in a tutorial, please let me know :) the fabric I used is part of the fabric I got from the person, who spoiled me

Miss B from Bockstarkknits and Knitters uncensored
if you haven't listen to the podcast yet. GO AND LISTEN.... NOW!!!!

I was happy to have Miss B spoiling me! She made me the most gorgeous socks ever.
From a Cookie A. Pattern! I love them. They are out of Wollmeise yarn and now I will be spoiled forever and not starting a dyeing etsy store because I can't find Merinosockyarn at good prices. ( O.k. the last part is kidding, because there are dyes and wool on their way to my house but dyeing will have to wait another fortnight because I'll be going to Maria next wednesday. Anybody needing Onion patterns? )

Thank you both, Karina and Miss B for making me have a great time!
And thanks Bobby for beeing a cool host, even if I did not win any contests ;)


bockstark.knits hat gesagt…

oh my god!!! i had NO idea that today was the last day of the swap! i JUST sent you your last package today thinking that i was EARLY! hopefully you'll get it tomorrow or monday. sorry i was such a ditz about it!

by the way, what a cool case you made from the fabric i sent!!! i'm so glad it got put to good use!

bockstark.knits hat gesagt…

ok, i just checked and the last day is the 30th of this month! whew!

Tini hat gesagt…

ooooh soooorrry!
I was sure it was the 15th :(

Miss B I still have some of the fabric to make something nice for myself but the colours were just perfect for Kaybee

Elemmaciltur hat gesagt…

I don't think I'll ever do SP...I'll 'gruebeln' too much about what to get my SP. :-p

You guys are lucky!

And thanks for the Podcast Shout-outs. ;-)

Bobbi hat gesagt…

Glad you had fun!

Annika hat gesagt…

Gorgeous gorgeous color on those socks! So when you come to visit, we can pull out the dye vats and dye some New Zealand wool I have way too much of!