Mittwoch, Juni 06, 2007

Stash Enhancement and Boob Rock update

o.k. lets start with the Boob rock update ( word created by Lime & Violet!)

No real news, because next check will be in august but I have filled out tons of pages of paper for an interview ( o.k. it were fourteen or so ) that I'm going to have at the clinic because we (that means the women of my family) are going to have checked if breast cancer is in our genes.

I had to sketch who of my nearer family had cancer so far. So here is the list of my mums side

My grandmother died of ovial cancer when my mum was 2

My mothers aunt died of breast cancer

My grandfather had skincancer

My uncle died of ähm Speiseröhren? cancer in 2003

My mum is a borderline-cancer candidate. She had a pre-stadium of cancer

Me: Breast cancer

see?? Isn't that totally scary? Plus we have leucamia on my dads side.... yeahh... NOT!

I'll have to have an interview first and then they will decide if they will make a blood check. If they find this gene in me, my other family members will be checked too (if they want to!) and maybe get a very tight screening!

But now back to knitting!

I started Tempting II (by Knitty) not long ago (last week) and see how fast that goes!
So far I have 23 cm done! yeah!

And then a totally unexpected stash enhancement today.

I bought 18 skeins of Gedifra Tiago for 1 Euro each skein/ball! It is 50% rayon/ 50% silk!!!


Annika hat gesagt…

Hi Tini! It is always good to know who in your family has had cancer, but please remember that doesn't necessarily mean everyone in your family will eventually get cancer! Genes from your mom's side of the family only make up half of your genetic material, and I think you are doing so many good things to promote and safe guard your health already that your chances of having more and more problems with breast cancer are minimized. It used to be (40-50 years ago)that when people said the word "Cancer" it automatically equalled "Death." That is no longer true - there is no type of cancer that has not been cured (or gone into permanent remission) somewhere somehow at least once. And I do believe that the mindset plays into your health in a very big way. So keep doing all the great things you are doing, keep exploring your own potential and being so wonderfully creative!
Incidentally, my mother, grandmother and great grandmother all had diabetes. I have absolutely no intention of getting diabetes! And I am, so far, still diabetes-free!

LMH hat gesagt…

Ouch--those are harsh personal statistics. But isn't it great that at least you can get this kind of screening now! Good Luck!!

Anonym hat gesagt…

Keeping my fingers crossed for you in your August appointment! And my god, what a steal of a deal for 1 euro each! --Your SP10

KayB hat gesagt…

Have to agree with Annika, your mind set plays a huge role, too. But is good that you have a chance getting it investigated, Good Luck for your appointment in August!
Hey...hey....€1 for the ball, what a find!

madhatter hat gesagt…

ich drück die daumen feste.

wahnsinn... 1 €? du glückspilz! da KANN doch alles andere nur noch gut laufen, oder?!