Samstag, Juni 02, 2007

Yarn Stash 05-07

Yarn Stash 05-07
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Thanks to madhatter for this cool new toy.

Here you can see all of my stash in all its glory, piece by piece now. I did gave away the other unikatwolle and Springtime as a gift.

In the second row you can see Tempting II in it's very early stage as I had to re-cast on today but my yarn stash is melding. There is more of the pinkish cotton ( second of the first row) somewhere. I tried to dye the cotton with natural easter egg dye and failed.

I did order some Trekking to see if I like that as a basic yarn for dyeing. I'm thinking that Etsy thing over and over but I don't know if I would have enough time to dye for others and get the money worth my time. Maybe I should offer to custom dye. You give me a name and I'll dye something.

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