Dienstag, Juli 17, 2007


o.k. here is the pic of latoya.

Me on a beach AND NO SUN.... gnarf!

And somehow my camera is having a slow death....

I don't know why Latoya is so blurry but it is tooo big :( and I'll make new pics....
Here are the hard facts
Latoya by berrocco (free pattern)
yarn used: Tiago by Gedifra, a 50% silk/ 50% rayon yarn 4,5 skeins
needles: 4,5 circs
size: S!!!!


Annika hat gesagt…

Arrrgh! It is a little too big on you which is a shame since it's such a cool pattern. Any chance it can be steamed and shrunk just a little?

Tany hat gesagt…

I second Annika, maybe you can shrink it somehow?

Isabelle hat gesagt…

Latoya is gorgeous!! And so is your new wool. I do hope you can shrink Latoya if only a little, it would be a shame not to wear it!