Sonntag, Juli 01, 2007

My etsy store is now open!

First: thank you all for your nice comments on my corset, I highly appreciate every comment. If you have any helpfull critism, please feel free to leave it also! I'll edit the entry to show all the links in a minute, but before that:
taaa daaa
I proudly present my own etsy store

and also my first item there:
Pretty in Punk (which was supposed to become japanese goth lolita but I messed it up...)
All gains of my yarnselling will go into a fund to buy a swift.
All prices on etsy are in Dollar, but I guess you can convert that to Euro by yourself. :)


KayB hat gesagt…

Good Luck, Tini! and many happy Sales!

Summerset hat gesagt…

Neat! Your yarns are gorgeous!