Sonntag, Juli 15, 2007

Progress :)

Hi everybody,

I still don't have my laptop back! But since the summer has decided to come over at last, I'm spending a lot of time outside trying not to get sunburned, just a little tanned.

My Latoya top is nearly done. I'm sewing it together at the moment but I'm not sure if I'm happy with it. It is gaping at the back and somehow I look kind of old in it... I'll post a pic as soon as possible.

Did I already wrote, that the first Hedera Sock for Annika is done? I did cast on the second one on thursday (friday was headache-day so no progress then) and it will go to the beach with me today. I'll take pics of the beach today if I remember to bring the camera. We have a really lovely coast here!

I also worked on my second LMB shirt. As far as I know, the La mia boutique is discontinued... sorry! The shirt is nearly finished, this time in a soooo soft grey ( I have plenty of grey fabrics...) and will be great for work.

The knitters uncensored are having a sleepover in Benediktbeuren and I sooo want to go, but 239 Euro on train tickets (I know that they advertise with 29 Euro tickets but I don't know how many are available... 2? for each month for all the people? ) or 200 Euro on an airfaire are just too much at the moment (PR weekend is coming up in octobre...) and my boss won't give me 2 days off, my vacation time was already planned in the beginning of the year and I do have a new co-worker, who has had NO training at all so far...

I'll be back with pics!

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