Montag, Juli 09, 2007

Ravelry - here I come

yeah! I just my invitation into ravelry (still in beta!) after a couple of weeks of patient waiting and I signed up already :) I'm tini there too ;) and after that the site went down for maintance... I hope it is not because of me!
I know a couple of you are out there already, hope to see you there.

Tonight is knitting in front of the tv (inspector Barnaby, one of my favourites. I love British humor! Currently I subscribed to audible and now I'm listening to Terry Pratchett's "Guards! Guards!" The people at the bus must think I'm nuts, because I'm quoting to my husband from time to time "OOOK" that is the librarian! T.P. is so much better in English than in German! )

o.k. back to knitting. I hope to start the cable-ing on my Latoya shirt tonight. I ran out of yarn on my way to work today and worked on the "Forbidden love" Hedera sock for Annika. The first sock is 3/4 done :)

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madhatter hat gesagt…

you're quite busy, huh?
good for you ;)
hope to see some knittery over here, soon...