Montag, Juli 16, 2007


o.k. Maria from Uld and Urter tagged me and now I do have to tell you 8 new things about me:
(kind of hard, because I'm pretty talkative...)

- I don't wear Dirndl, as it is not the Tracht (traditional dress/folkwear) here and in most parts of Germany it isn't either
- I don't like spinach cooked, as a salat it is o.k. though
- I don't like to crochet
- My first cats name was Murle
- I have big feet (size 40 ) compared to my height (169 cm)
- I get sick when I smell champignon soup (thanks to chemo)
- I'm allergic to sea-weed (just the stuff from lakes though...)
- Sushi (the food) is not really my taste

I think most people have already been tagged, if you want to answer though, go ahead

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madhatter hat gesagt…

du hättest "the food" auch weglassen können - keiner hätte doch gedacht, daß du "das nähsushi" meinst! *gg*