Samstag, Juli 21, 2007

Waiting for Harry

o.k. this will be all over blogland today...

Harry Potter!

Maria got hers, Erica got hers, Elem and me, we are still waiting....

gnarf! We are two persons in this houshold, who want to read this book asap!

Since HP isn't here yet, I worked a bit on the second hedera sock for Annika

just three more repeats before I start the heel! yay!

The reason why I haven't finished the Hedera yet is, that I'm busy knitting baby clothes! My SIL is having her second child in october, one of my closes friends in november and another in december.

I'm currently knitting a baby jacket from (no.14-29) to be precise out of my mystery yarn from the storageroom sale of the Hamburger Garnfabric

It is a no-sideseam pattern. I made a felting test and it seems that there is at least some wool in there. Hopefully the jacket won't be handwash... If it was, I think it will be an heirloom jacket ;)

Finally, did I tell you, that I inherited some of my mums unwanted stash?
It is cotton-cashmere!!! yay!!!

As for sewing content ;)
I finished a second LMB shirt and I'm currently in the process of cutting the lining for the summerdresses.

My laptop is still at the service, but they found out what was broken and ordered the pieces... So nearly no podcasts, so nearly no sewing...

and from the moment HP arrives, there will be little knitting, little sewing and even less blogging


Isabelle hat gesagt…

Aw, I'm still waiting too :(

Cynthia hat gesagt…

I love baby clothes! They are so much fun to dress my little ones in!

Annika hat gesagt…

ohhhh, those socks are too gorgeous to wear!!! I can barely wait to put them on my size "E for Enormous" feet! ;)