Montag, August 13, 2007

Celebrate :)

Everything came out fine at my check up today!
And we are going on a short vacay next month to Föhr, which is a German island not far from home but already completely different! We still had a gift "coupon" from our wedding (4yrs ago...) for 2 nights, so we just have to pay for 2 more. And we do have a flat, so we can do our own cooking :) Jiepiehhh!

Apropos cooking: I'm just making Apfelstuten, which is another typical Northern German thing but this time it is baking :) I'll post pics when they are done :)


Summerset hat gesagt…

Congrats on a good check-up, I'm sure you're relieved!

Annika hat gesagt…

Fantastic news about your check-up! Have fun on your mini-vacation.

Bobbi hat gesagt…

Great news!!! Enjoy your mini-vacay. I know you will. (Where are the pictures of the Apfelstuten?)

Tany hat gesagt…

Congrats Tini!!!! I'm so glad for you!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!