Sonntag, August 12, 2007

keeping me busy

*first: thanks for the nice comments on the dress: I think I'm just trying to improve and thus I'm not satisfied*
*second: please read the blog entry below too!*

My weekend was mostly under the headline: Keep me busy and keep me from thinking :)

Yesterday we spent the whole day with a friends choir on a day-trip thru Schleswig-Holstein and we had a really good time in a party busy ( and lots of foooood). So I was just completely knocked out yesterday evening and spend the time on ravelry, the hobbyschneiderin and on 23324 other internetsites :) I didn't buy anything.

What was a good thing, because today Mr. tini and I went to a huge flea-market that is held once a month (during summer, or what's supposed to be summer here) and Mr. tini was laughing at me because I packed a shopping bag :)
In the end, he was happy, that I brought it with me

I found quiet a few things :)
a burda from 1998 ( one of the few missing issues from that year ) and a Tad Williams book

2 new board games ( we were thinking of getting more, but space is limited!)

Mr. tini aka Heiko aka DH bought 2 comics and then there was this guy selling yarn. I did not want to buy boucle or fun fur even though it was from Schachenmayer but a bag of 700gr of this lovely tealish yarn followed me home (for 2.5 Euro...) I do have to make a burn test. The guy was "yeah, high wool content" but I'm not sure....

In the afternoon I cut out 3 new raglanshirts for Mr. tini
Luckily I had plenty of fabric in my stash *hüstel* so I could easily say "yes" when Heiko asked for new shirts... 3.5 meter cut out! yeah! One of the fabrics is a single jersey, I think he does not like that too much, it is tooo clingy for his taste. I think he can wear tight fitting t-shirts, but I'm his wife (and we weights under 75 kg...) :) *smile*

I'm using a tnt Lekala pattern, that I have made a couple of times before :) so mindless sewing coming... yeah! Plus I'm really trying to unstash before all the pattenreview ladies will see my sewing room (which has to be cleaned and completely organised before the ladies show up in September!)

And because I had to be kept busy today, I did the cooking tonight
- appelrice - which I think is very nothern Germany....

Plus I dyed some yarn for our cat-sitter :) She is knitting socks too! I dyed some cotton-wool-polyamide. It came out nice. I'll take pics when it is dry!

So, next to all these acquisitions, I placed an order with knitpics tonight! When the stuff is here (it is shipped to a friend in the US first, because Knitpics does not ship internationally) I'll try the magic loop thingy!

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Annika hat gesagt…

Busy busy girl! We're not having much of a summer here either. It's cloudy and cool most of the time, which is okay with me.