Mittwoch, August 22, 2007

magazine review: Verena Stricken Autumn 2007 and burda, easy fashion autumn 2007

Hi there,

hey, here comes a posting that will contain both: sewing and knitting.
I've been to the supermarket today, because I knew that the new Verena would be out.

So here it is what I think of that issue (which btw. won't be the last, the winter issue will be out on october 17th)

The mag is now published by VCP Vikant Crafts Publishing GmbH instead of burda directly.
This autumn cables seems to be THE MUST KNIT if you believe the patterns from this issue. From the 50 patterns for adults 25 got some sort of cabeling going on :)
There are 10 patterns for men, all of them are disliked by DH, so no need to knit for him :) the model is cute though, as are most of the models.
Some things were uhm interesting like a knitted halterles dress with a twist top.... oh my godess :)
And the plus models are thinner than me and I'm not overweight with 62 kg!
I love cables and I have a few patterns in mind. I esp. love a shrug pattern ( no pics online to find... I even searched flickr!) and some of the cardis :). I'll try to find some pics online in a few days :)

o.k. as much as I love the Verena, I hate the easy fashion, because I'm sooooo NOT into the 80s style:
a tulip skirt I think the fabric makes it really icky. The plaid skirt looks like a handbag in the small picture.... If you want to see a great plaid skirt, look at summersets blog!

a tunic, that makes me look pregnant
a wide trousers with cuffs (I could live with that pattern!)
a coat, that is o.k.
very tight trousers
and a dress with puffed sleeves
HELLO?? I think, I'm getting old

I even dislike the knitting patterns

But I think I might be grown out of the target group and if this mag makes younger ladies sew, it is o.k. for me :) Plus somehow my sewing mojo hasn't come back yet, although I found a couple of nice patterns in the July 1998 burda that I bought at the flea market a couple of weeks ago!


Summerset hat gesagt…

I'm hearing you on the 80's come back styles. I wore them once in the 80's and that was plenty! Thanks for the shout out on the skirt!

Most of the mags for the younger generation don't appeal to me, either, and I consider myself to be fairly open minded and young even though I'm mid-30's. I guess I'm getting to be "classic middle aged".

Kerstin hat gesagt…

Oh yeah.. if I want to look like my grandmother, I would sew dress 3a... in exactly the same fabric. It will get me a perfectly spinster look. *lol*
Yes... I'm getting old. And sometimes I'm very happy about it! ;)
On the other hand, I've still got plenty of Burdas and Miss B's of the 80s... maybe I should take a closer look.

Isabelle hat gesagt…

I'm with you, Tini! Hate that Easy issue as well. I mean, usually there's always a couple of things in there that I find really cute. This time, there's nothing at all. I'm not sure how old you are, Tini - I'm 26 and hope I'm not too old for Burda easy! ;)

Annika hat gesagt…

I don't like any of the Easy Fashion stuff either - it's too blousy and gathered-looking. If I made any of those pieces I'd look like a grumpy old hot air balloon.

Cidell hat gesagt…

I found just one thing I wanted to make. The tunic. Kind of. I was really disappointed because the last edition was so good.

Fabienne hat gesagt…

i actually love some of the stuff in the new verena, i was surprised because the fall rebecca is totally awful (big fat stripes in ugly color combinations in my opinion). but in the fall verena i could totally see myself making number 4, number 7, number 10 as a tank top or short sleeve, i kind of like 22 but i would do it in a crazy color like bright blue and without such weird holes in the knitting, and i love the stitch pattern on 58. anyway i liked it a lot better than anything else that came out this fall.