Montag, September 24, 2007

Benediktbeuern Textilmarkt: Meet uncensored Knitters

Hi folks,

I'm very tired so this will be a short post about my weekend in Benediktbeuern, where we met with the uncensored knitters group.

We, that were:

Miss B, Elem, Cashyie, Fbz, deknit, alalalala, yarnissima (who was working there), das Schneeschaf as well as the Wollmeise herself! Projektleiterin joined for the day!

But lets start at the beginning.

Saturday morning, 3.30 a.m. : yay! Time for getting up. I somehow managed to take a shower, get my stuff and get into the car at 4.30 pm to drive to the airport in Hamburg. I need to be there at 5:40 - 5:55 for checking in, so that is doable but pretty tight. Lesson learned!

5:20 arriving in Hamburg. Searching a parking space was more of a challenge. To make a long story short. I arrived at the check in thingy at 5:52 or so.

The flight was short and nice and I arrived at the Munich Hauptstation without further problems. Finding Starbucks was a different matter. It was crowed, since the octoberfest began and I was feeling soooo much out of place.

Note to the non Germans here: THIS IS NOT GERMANY WHAT YOU SEE AT OCTOBERFEST. No, not all Germans wear dirndl and I found that very bizarr.

Another problem was that the lady I asked for the was obviously had a right-left problem so I ended up calling Elem and he had to pick me up.

Meeting the others was great! Esp. meeting Miss B, who was my last secret pal upstream pal.

She made the cutest bags for all of us. We took the train to Benediktbeuern, where I met Ron. Ron was kind of cute but annoying, since he asked nearly every 2342 milliseconds what I was doing and that my English was great :) I told him his was great either but I think he didn't get it :)

In Benediktbeuern we stayed in huge rooms in the Zentrum für Umwelt und Kultur and after dropping off our luggage we rummaged over the market.

If you click on the pic it should send you to my flickr set, where you can all see more pictures, but here are my favourites

On Saturday night we all stayed in Miss Bs and Elems room and had great fun with a lot of booze. I can even knit, while beeing drunk and I really was as annoying as usual even though Cashyie told me, that for a Larper and roleplayer I'm kind of normal. Maybe I can get her hooked up with one ;)

I bought some really nice Wollmeiseyarn, but that will be another post as well as my first SP parcel from FINNLAND! yummy licorice and yummy yarn!!!!


alala hat gesagt…

Annoying? Egad, no, you were hilarious! You were so much fun to hang out with!

bockstark.knits hat gesagt…

It was so, so good to meet you! I am so happy that you listened to your grandmother and came, even if only for a couple of days. One of these days I will have to make it up to Kiel!

madhatter hat gesagt…

scheint als hättest du einen haufen spaß gehabt! ^-^

BJ hat gesagt…

Dirndln sieht so schön und weiblich aus!