Freitag, September 07, 2007

Huhu!!! i'm back from vacation :)

Hi readers :),

I was on a little mini-break with DH to Föhr, which is a nice little island in the Nothern sea. We had 4 very silent days! Yay!
We had a small flat of our own so we slept in, had breakfast in our flat and then we were outside all the time and that meant (including an 1 hour ferry tour) lots of knitting time!

Föhr has a lot of old fishermen houses that still have these roofs made out of "reet" which is a plant that grows along the seaside. Very pitoresque little villages, not toooo touristy, quiet but not too much, not as much as Sylt, which is the high-society island here :)

We stayed in the only town (instead of village) Wyk and we had a lot of luck with the weather it just was pretty windy. We saw the inside of an old mill

and in front of one shop the owner karded roving!!! (they also sold handspun yarn but IMHO it was overspun but if I ever go to Wyk in winter she promised me to show me how to use a spinning wheel when I asked for classes!!!)

The small break was really relaxing! See how good DH looks!!!

On wednesday we took a guided tour at the Süderende cementary to hear more about the history of the island and its inhabitants. That was sooo great and so interesting. The gravestones are awesome and we met a nice couple from Mühlheim an der Ruhr, with whom we spend the thursday (eating cake and going for looooong walks)

But as I mentioned (now for the fibre content of this post :) ) I had a lot of time knitting.

First I finished knitting on my victorian lace scarf. yes SCARF.... I decided that if I want to really wear this thingy a lot, I would need a scarf rather than a stole (plus I did not count the rows....) so I did not add any border but started blocking the scarf this evening!

Next: Knitting on the baby jacket is done. The only thing missing are buttons now!

And I ventured into a new technique. Toe up socks!! I'm using some of my socks leftover yarn!

I'm not really up to the heel, so I'll be looking forward to that :) Any hints :)



Elemmaciltur hat gesagt…

I want a wheel!!!!

Tany hat gesagt…

Welcome back!!

madhatter hat gesagt…

super sehen deine ferien aus! :)
hoffentlich werden meine auch so...

die stola / der schal schaut ja echt toll aus, da werd ich mich wohl auch mal ranwagen. ein muster liegt schon "im hinterhalt" *g*

für die ferse schau doch mal bei den baudelaire-socken, die waren toe-up. da kannst du sicher problemlos damit arbeiten! :)

anea hat gesagt…

Wie strickst du denn die? Zwei Socken gleichzeitig auf einer Rundstricknadel?