Sonntag, September 30, 2007

Hurray for sleeve heads

Have I ever mentioned how much I do love sleeve heads?

I love love love them. They are such easy way to really improve a lumpy looking sleeve.

Here's my example. Finally I'm working on the jacket that was meant to be the try-out version for the silk jacket that I have sewn earlier this year. The sleeves where somewhat tight and I was really disappointed with the fit ( plus with shoulder pads I looked like a chinese swimmer during the olympics somewhen during the 80s...)

My friend Anja (blogless) helped me with the fit by rotating the sleeves a tiny bit to the front and voilá a much improved fit. After setting in the sleeves they looked like this

Since the sleeved looked awefull, I digged out my watteline and cut 2 stripes 8 inches long and 2.5 inches wide because my watteline is pretty thin and I needed some "ooohmph" to make the sleeves work :)

I folded the watteline so, that one side was 0.6mm shorter than the other, this will prevent the watteline to form a ridge.

Next: Place the jacket wrong side up in front of you:

Pin the watteline to the s.a. matching the raw edge of the seam-allowance with the not-raw-edge of the watteline. The "shorter" edge is closes to the sleeve

Turn over and sew with the watteline close to the feed dogs ( if your watteline is fuzzy try to lay some stabilzer that dissolves in water underneath)

Here's the final result with shoulderpads already installed. A big improvement or what do you think? Parting shot: believe it or not. Greebo loves to cuddle. This is the cat, my MIL thinks of as "the very shy one, that runs away everytime somebody looks at him"


Summerset hat gesagt…

Much, much improved! It's amazing what a little support in the right place will do.

Greebo is so cute! What a sweet kitty.

Isabelle hat gesagt…

I'm glad I read your post before closing down the computer for bedtime Tini: thanks to you, I've definitely learned something tonight!! I didn't know that technique at all and the difference is amazing in your sleeve.

Greebo is adorable! Aww! Give him a good scratch for me :)

I just remembered I'd started an email for you before I left for Italy!! And I never sent it. I'll really try and do that this week, Tini! Your email about dressforms had been so helpful.

Have a good start of the week! :)

Tany hat gesagt…

I couldn't live without my sleeve heads! Great job!

Maria hat gesagt…

Amazing! You are so talented! Can we do a sewing workshop - just the 2 of us sometime next year? (to other readers: Tini's schedule is so busy that you have to book her long time in advance!) :-)

Hugs and love!

alala hat gesagt…

Really? Then we are doubly lucky that she took time to join us in Benediktbeuern!