Donnerstag, September 13, 2007

The new Knitty is online


Another multitude of great patterns are available at Knitty Of course sock patterns!
I love the unique shaping of those (since I'm working on my first toe-up socks, I'm excited about that!) I like the pattern of Cinderella too but somehow they are very chunky, aren't they? The Diamond waffle socks would be something my father would like ( DH does not wear handknitted socks except as a subsitute for houseslippers when we are at our friends places.... and so he gets my toe-up remnant socks. They look weird ( I just introduced a third colourway... a selfstriping one...) but will do.

I do love muir, but I guess that is just over my possibilities yet...

Cherie Amour might be in my queue one day (after making some of my already queued things)

But these things have to wait until I have more things knitted up from stash!

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