Montag, September 24, 2007

Tagged -- Or 8 things you didn't ask to know about me

Cidell of Miss Celie's pants tagged me and since I am me, I will go along :)

1. I have nearly the same ring size as my husband. And he hasn't very small hands
2. I love to go to the hairdresser because I love the head massages you get there
3. I always have a pile of books next to my bed and DH hates that
4. I haven't done my homework for todays Danish lessons yet.
5 People say, that I do have an american accent if they are British, while the Americans tell me that I do have a British accent. Geesh. My accent is international
6. I hate every kind of sport that has something to do with balls
7. I love to cook jam but I don't eat it
8. Giving away things that I have made and that are not up to my standards is very hard for me!

o.k. if you liked to be tagged, just leave me a note or just steal the idea :)


Summerset hat gesagt…

Tini - you're too funny! I always have a stack of books/magazines next to my bed - it's all sewing/fiber arts related! I also cook lots of jam, but don't eat it, either! My husband and children do.

maria hat gesagt…

Du skal lave dit hjemmearbejde! :-)
Hugs and love!

anea hat gesagt…

I also love to cook jam and do not eat it!

Same goes for Christmas cookies. When I had no kids I spent almost every night in the kitchen, trying out new recipes for cookies - and then I brought them with me to work because I would never ever eat them! My colleagues loved me a lot!!!

charlotte hat gesagt…

hmmm I think I misunderstood answer nr. 6. or maybe I am just a nasty girl?

Maria hat gesagt…

Charlotte: :-)I think you misunderstood :_)