Samstag, September 15, 2007

Victorian Lace Scarf: Finished! Plus more vintage patterns

Hi everybody,

while my embroidery machine is making a lot of noise in the background I thought I might just show off my newest finished object (now I just have to finish the toe-up socks before knitting the simple knitted bodice!!!9

I finished my Victorian Lace Scarf yesterday! YAY!
O.k. I know that it is supposed to have a border but since I'm really into scarfs during fall, winter and early spring I decided to leave it off for now and make it a scarf:

Project details:

Pattern: Large Rectangle with center diamond pattern from Victorian Lace today
Needles: Size 4 Addi Lace (which are called something else in Germany, but I'm too lazy to get out the package
Yarn: 150 gr. of the Rowan 4 ply in a dark blue with tweedlike springles, that I got this spring from Abi while beeing in London!

The pattern was easy, so this is a good start into lace

Next Q/A

Summerset wanted to know, how many coffee bags it needs to make a bag like I did:
3.5 large bags. I really used most of the bags, just cutting off the sealed parts. I'm collecting more coffee bags at the moment, but since we mostly use a coffeemaker that uses pads, the bags are a lot smaller!

I'll be making a tutorial after finishing my jacket and the blinds, that will be needed for my room because I will have some guests using it as a bedroom during the patternreview weekend!

Peaknits wanted to have the recipe for my pearjam. That one is soo easy.
You'll need a kilo of ripe, peeled pears (without the core of course) that you chop into small bits. Add a kilo or perseving sugar (or gelling sugar) and add a cinnamon stick. Let everything sit (covered!) for an hour, so that there is some juice.
Boil (?) for 5 minutes,stir well, adding some Cognac just before the 5 minutes have ended.
But into glases and close. I do add a little bit of cognac to each glas. Make sure that you get the cinnamon stick out before you fill the jam into the glasses!

o.k. and here are some more of my vintage patterns :)

Some more 70s! I esp. like the first two. The blouse is pretty high up on my sewing list!

Another two that Annika send me in her last package. Don't you just love the neckline on the red dress again?
The yellow dress will be in my wardrobe next summer. I'm really into cute necklines and this one has one! A knit dress from the Simplicity pattern on the right (second line) would be cool too, wouldn't it?
I do have more pattern, but for today this will have to do it, since the embroidery machine is done. I'm rarely using mine and would never buy one again. Today I used it for saving a t-shirt with a black spot from the copy machine at work :(


nowaks nähkästchen hat gesagt…

Toll geworden, der Schal! Der steht auch ziemlich weit oben auf meiner Liste als Anfangsstück.
(Nach der Challenge und wenn ich noch einen Teil meiner Sockenwolle verarbeitet habe...)

Isabelle hat gesagt…

Your scarf turned out beautiful, Tini!! And those patterns are just great.
How clever to be embroidering over an ink spot! :)

I need to ask you about the sticky brown paper you used for your dressform. How does it work exactly? I might take you up on that offer. :) Thank you for making it!

madhatter hat gesagt…

the scarf is lovelylovelylovely!
and you got so much to sew within the next months! wow... !