Mittwoch, September 26, 2007

Wenn der Postmann 2mal klingelt

o.k. the postman didn't ring while I was at home but my neighbours were so nice taking the packages for me, so I can now present you the content of my first SP 11 parcel ( remember I already got FiFi a great great pattern!!!)

The Mumin on the outside of the packages gives a hint from where the package came from: Finnland. How cool is that. I've never been to Finland but I'd love to go someday (since my co-workers husband is Finish and she tells a lot of nice things about Finnland and I'm already in love with Denmark and Sweden :) )

And my SP pal really hit the nail on its head (is that an actual English idiom or do I make stuff up again? )

In the parcel way yarny yummyness. Wetterhoff yarn "sivilla" 30% silk, 70 % wool and ooooooh sooooo sooooft.I already wound one ball and I'll be making another Victorian Lace scarf out of it I guess. Or something from Lace Style... sooooo soooooffft!

The sweets in the pic aren't out of chocolate but kind of licorice-toffee, that I really have to defent pretty hard because DH likes them as much as I do but this is MY parcel :) ALLES MEINS ;)

My SP also included very cool notions: A bamboo circ in size 2.5! I don't have any bamboos in these small sizes, so this one will be used much. Darning needles ( how did you know, that I left mine on Föhr??) and open stitch marker! Genial!

Thank you SP for a very cool parcel!!

And what did I the postman bring today? My brand new swift! I promptly wound the yarn I dyed for Madhatter into balls to send it off to her tomorrow!

Here it is in all it's glory!


Summerset hat gesagt…

Fantastic box, yarn, candy and notions, what more could want? Yes, "hit the nail on the head" is an English idiom!

bockstark.knits hat gesagt…

great package and pretty swift!!!

madhatter hat gesagt…

yaaaaaaaaaaaaay! yarn!!! XD
for mememe!
... and add some of your licorice! i LOVE licorice. especially the salty ones you don't get here "in the south". ;)