Montag, Oktober 15, 2007

4th annual European PR weekend *lots of pics!*

This year we met in Kiel, so I was host of our small group of members.

For me it all started on October 2nd when I drove to Hamburg to pick up Sherry from the airport. I was a little late due to roadwork and was speeding at Hamburg with 160/180 km/h and just arrived on time at the airport when Sherry called and told me, that she would be delayed because she had missed her flight from Amsterdam.

Luckily I had my knitting with me and so the extra hour in Hamburg was o.k. Sherry went to bed early and after driving to Strande next morning (that is wednesday 3rd of october and hence a national holiday here) we inspected the rooms at the hotel before we picked up Annika in Hamburg too :)

so here it comes, my PR-weekend report :)

The rooms were pretty nice and each one has a small kitchen attached :)

After picking up Annika we spend the rest of the day at my place and I made some beet (rutabega or so )carrot and potatoe for my guests. It's a very common dish here.

On thursday the remaining guests arrived: Deepika from the US (Annika and Sherry are from the states too), Ruth from the UK, Asa with mum Ann and her son Rasmus from Sweden and last but not least Karin also from Sweden.

Because I was pretty tired from driving all around Schleswig-Holstein the whole day we just went out for dinner that night and talked a bit :)

see how hungry I was (left to me is Annika and at the right side is Ruth)

The shop owner was so nice to take a group pic of all of us :)
Friday was day 1 of our shopping experience in Germany: Kiel
First we had an appointment at the Kieler Stoffkontor :)

Where the shop was just open for us :) and we all browsed thru the fabrics and I think most of us did some serious shopping

The shopowner was so nice and took another group shot (my favourite)

I tried to convince all of the ladies to get the Patterncompany-jacket from which I made my jacket, but no one would listen....
Next stop was Stoffatelier :) More shopping and all the ladies fell in love with the patterncompany jackets that Ly had on display
This is Sherry wearing one of the samples :)
So there were 4 people wanting the pattern and just 3 copies... seeeeee.... I TOLD YOU SO :)
Ly also had a lady there showing how to needle felt

It was lunchtime after that and we had a nice little dinner at a restaurant,

Another fabric shop after lunch and last stop was a huge yarn store that we have here in Kiel:

After a small break we met at my place and had dinner (Onioncake and Federweißen, which is young white wine... more like juice)
plus another gift, that I have to show you, that I got. Really nice cuffs made by Karin from Sweden

We also had our annual ugly fabric swap :)

Deepika is modelling the fabric I got in the end. She swaped with me after the swap, because I had less fabric ;)
On saturday we drove to Hamburg and thanks to traffic jam (strawberry jam, raspberry jam, traffic jam REALLY makes sense to me :) ) we just went to 2 stores

and Mahler Stoffe

Please excuse the stupid look on my face. As you might have read, one of my spiral bones decided to hop out of it's place and I took pain relievers the whole weekend!
In the evening we went to a fashion show here in Kiel

That's Deepika, me and Karin. We had a lot of fun!
Next day, Asa and Ann had to leave early, so I drove them to the trainstation. we were pretty late and I was deseperatly trying to get tickets when some guy with a russian accent asked if they would share a group ticket to Lübeck with his father. Since that was faster I agreed :) We just had 4 more minutes!!!! I was a little frightend the whole time but Asa said, the guy was a real gentlemen. Sometimes you just have to trust in faith :)
After that we had a very relaxed day at my house, where we dyed yarn, Deepika went mad winding balls of yarn with my ballwinder and we just talked!

After that Karin had to leave too and the rest of us had some pizza and we went to bed early!
Ruth and Annika left the next morning and Deepika, Sherry and I spend the rest of the day doing more yarn shopping and going to IKEA :)

The two left on tuesday morning and I headed for my bed and to my chiropracticer after some sleep. It was a very exhausting but great weekend!

Btw. we all vowed to make another (in my case) patterncompany jacket since we all got fabric for it ;)


Fabienne hat gesagt…

wow sounds fabulous! maybe i may get up the courage after our move this weekend to dig out my velvet tailored jacket that needs sleeve re-attaching and a lining. maybe. *smile*

christina hat gesagt…

That looks like so much fun! Thanks for sharing all the pics.

Elemmaciltur hat gesagt…

That seems like a load of fun. But now you'll have to explain to me what "PR" stands for in this context...because I was thinking "Public Relations" but obviously it's totally something else.

madhatter hat gesagt…

Damn I was busy that weekend. *argh*

When you come visit us for "Federweißer" we can talk about the "more-like-juice" thing... seems you never got a "bremsigen"... *muhahahaha* ;)

oh... will you tell us what you will make of the checkered fabric? not that I'm curious...

karin hat gesagt…

Thank you everybody for a wonderful weekend!!!!

charlotte hat gesagt…

you sure had a ball!
wish I were there, sounds like a lot of fun.

KayB hat gesagt…

Oh.... I envy you!
It really looks great! I wish I could have been there, but it wasn't supposed to be this year. Well, there's always next year!

Åsa hat gesagt…

elemmaciltur, PR is, a site whose main objective is for people to review sewing patterns, but there are many other things going on there as well! Welcome!

Katrin hat gesagt…

Looks like a really great weekend with lots of fun!

Isabelle hat gesagt…

Looks like you had a great time! Thanks for sharing the fun :)

Robin hat gesagt…

What wonderful photos- thanks for sharing. I hope to come for a Eurpean PR weekend some day, too!