Samstag, Oktober 13, 2007

A bad day to be a mouse

yes I know, a pretty weird title but I wanted to use my small break between dyeing, cleaning the kitchen and going outside to work in the garden to write my looooong post with pictures about the PR weekend. Instead Cookie (the grey and white cat) brought in 3 dead mice so far... one was still half alive, so DH had to kill it. I really don't feel like writing much now!

I'll be updating my dawandashop sometime next weekend. There will be more Rosegarden yarn (lace/sockweight), hopefully a new colourway called Tigereye/Tigerauge in a nice merino/Polyamid yarn (lace but suitable for socks too). I had to re-dye this because I'm not really good when it comes to dye a good black colourway!

Also I'm making more coffee-bag-knitting bags. I try to make them very different to what Madhatter has in her shop, so that there will be no competition. Hers are a lot nicer than mine btw!

I'll have to drink more coffee though for my coffeepad-coffeebag bag, I still do not have enough bags for that one and that is the one I've started with :)

An anouncment will come up once I updated!


Elemmaciltur hat gesagt…

Hahahaha, "I'll have to drink more coffee" to make the bag. You'll be over-caffeinated by the time you can make a bag! :-p

Isabelle hat gesagt…

Ugh! Poor mice.
Can't wait to see your new yarn and bags :)

Åsa hat gesagt…

Oh, poor Heiko! I'm eagerly awaiting your PR weekend report!