Donnerstag, Oktober 25, 2007

girl of the 1000 projects

Hi everyone,

sorry for not posting in a while. Works a bit busy at the moment. My new co-worker ( the bread as we call him...) is on vacation at the moment and I'm trying to get as much stuff done there, plus I'm organizing a weekend for all my gaming friends and me and I'm also spending a lot of time with fibre things.

First : my newest knitting projects (scroll down for sewing and surprise!)

My simple knitted bodice by stitch diva

the picture is already over a week old and I've progressed a bit and will start with the lace waist detail soon

Next is my dads b-day gift "my so called scarf" the most boring thing I have knit in a while. I do like the fabric I'm producing but somehow it is just boring....

Next: sewing

I haven't done a thing to my scandinavian dress :) because I really need to do some stashburning first.

So here's my review of my newest burda top:
Inspired by Christina Sonjas aka assorted notions review of the top no 115 of the october 2007 burda wof I needed to make this one too. So I traced the pattern in the smallest available size (38) and went to sewing.
Picture courtesy of burda wof

I added the seam allowance while I traced the pattern. I find this is easier with jerseys, which don't hold any tailors chalk well IMHO.

The fabric I used is a very light jersey, that I got in a swap. It might me rayon but I'm not sure. The instructions recommends a 2way stretch fabric and I would say, that it should be pretty drapey too. The jersey fit the bill perfectly.

Instructions: The German instructions are o.k. I believe Christina Sonja found that there is a translation mistake in the English pattern and has included a great small tutorial in her review how to make the front pleat.

Sewing: easy but the outcome is pretty decent! Note: the neckline is pretty low. I'm totally fine with that beeing me ;) but for you, who don't like to show off a little more skin, I would recommending altering it.

I've already started a second shirt because it is so easy to sew and in a very short time my stash is 2.25m shorter ;)

So, this is me

Third: surprise (without pics yet)

I took a spinning class yesterday and my handspindle and I becoming friends and now I understand why Victor is striving for very thin yarn! It's obsessive! ANd I want sock yarn and another spindle....
I also tried a spinning wheel but I was spinning too fast ( I learned to sew on a treadle machine. I want speed....) and I can't draft the fibre fast enough!

Last, not least. My favourite song this week "murderer" by low. The cd is on the way to my postbox!!


Summerset hat gesagt…

Wow, you have been busy! I like the Burda top - yes, it'd be a bit low for me, but that's something a nice camisole could take care of!

Marietta hat gesagt…

what a great shirt - i have a rayon jersey that would like great in much stretch is needed?

Katrin hat gesagt…

Hallo Tini,

das Shirt sieht toll an Dir aus. Die Zeichnung in der Burda sprach mich nicht an, aber jetzt muss ich doch nochmal hinschauen.
Den Ausschnitt würde ich allerdings tatsächlich etwas höher machen...

madhatter hat gesagt…

das shirt ist echt klasse, hat mir auch schon in christinas blog gefallen. sehr schick, und doch alltagstauglich :)

Kerstin hat gesagt…

What an excellent colour for you! The shirt looks really cool and the neckline is not TOO low... just perfect. :)

Annika hat gesagt…

you are a bizzy bizzy bizzy girl! Everything looks fantastic.

charlotte hat gesagt…

fantastic shirt!
didn't know bernd the bread is now working with you. good luck ;D

Isabelle hat gesagt…

You did a great job with those two Burda tops. A great way to destash, too! ... and make room for new fabrics :)

Katjaquilt hat gesagt…

When I saw your shirt I liked it immediatly. Unfortunatly I didn't read your post exactly and bought the current issue of burda today, but the shirt was not there. Okay, okay, it is in no.10 and not in no.11. Maybe the local libery will have no.10 and I can trace the pattern from there. And I will sew some of the wellness cloths from issue 11 ;-)