Dienstag, Oktober 30, 2007

Lists lists lists, what's on my list

O.k. since I want to declutter, I need to sew more to make more room in my sewingroom plus the holidays are approaching and with that the birthdays of 20% of my family members plus 2 of my friends are due soon, so I need to sew my gifts soon. With all that my stash should be going down a bit soon!

This is my to-do list:
- Make 2 babysleepingbags
- make a princess gown for my niece. She asked for one for her birthday.  I bought some pink fabric today (rayon) plus some glittery fabric (I'm 100% sure that that one is 100% petrolbased!) and burda 2480 since they did not have any Fasching catalogue in the store, otherwise I would have picked another one
- patterncompany jacket for me
- Muslin for my Viva scandinavia dress. I'll be meeting a sewing friend on November 24th and I want her to help me altering the muslin!

This should make my room a little tidier!


Isabelle hat gesagt…

Fun projects, Tini! Lots of eye candy to look forward to :)

Maria hat gesagt…

Hey Sweetie

I'm back home and slowly catchin up on my blogreading... Just want o send you lots of hugs - and lets talk soon!