Sonntag, Oktober 28, 2007

a little destashing progress

Hi there,

somehow the weekends do fly by, don't they? Despite beeing out of house most of yesterday and cleaning the rest of the day and this morning ( we do the "big" housecleaning every saturday morning but since my in-laws as well as my parents came over for tea (in our case coffee) we did some extra cleaning ) I managed to make some progress.
  • My ufo-jacket from march just needs its lining handsewn to the hem and some closure, but I'll need your help with that because I hate the double row of buttons the pattern suggests but I don't have enough fabric for a sash.

  • I finished the second burda shirt, so 1.25 meter stash less. I think before I dive in and start my Viva scandinavia dress ( which is a summer dress and it's pretty cold here already, so I do have a bit before I'll be able to wear it) I need to destash a bit more, so I'll be making the patterncompany jacket I have already made once another time before starting on the dress and maybe another PJ...

click on the pic to make it not so pixely.

  • Knittingwise the weekend was mixed. Yes I did make some progress on the simple knitted bodice but this is the 3rd time I started the lace part. Somehow I was loosing stitches and the lace looked all wrong. Now I do have stitchmarkers after every 7th stitch! It does look like a gypsy top with all the stuff dangling and the cats went nuts went I tried this on. (btw. Heiko had to kill another mouse today that Cookie gave us as a gift, halfdead... this time it was a grown mouse! Did you know that a mouse can have 2000 kids/grandkids/greatgrandkids.... in its life?) so this it my simple knitted bodice as far as I got this weekend. I don't think about getting the stitches back onto the needle right now!

I did get some nice mail this weekend including some knitting mags and the next parcel from my sp11 pal but that will be in another posting!


madhatter hat gesagt…

the sweater is stylish already with all those stitch markers dangling around ;)
think this will be pretty cool (as is the top above!).

Kerstin hat gesagt…

Oh, at first look I thought, what a kinky sweater... Empire waist and with those little dangeling decoration!

Isabelle hat gesagt…

I love your top Tini! Great job! I'm late in reading blogs - 4 entries late for yours.

Tany hat gesagt…

LOVE YOUR TOP and must agree with Madhatter! The sweater is stylish already!
(I am late reading blogs too... so catching up this is!)