Montag, Oktober 29, 2007

Manic monday or Project Declutter

I was chatting with Ms. B from bockstark knits yesterday via skype and both of us discovered, that we need to declutter/getting more organised so I thought I'd start my own project declutter-getting organised.

I have made the experience (thanks to flylady!) that I need to establish habbits. Means I need to force myself 10days in a row to make a certain thing at a certain time and it will become a habbit.

What I already have installed as habbits:

  1. I do the catlitterbox every morning. I hate it when it smells and I use the time when DH is still in the bathroom putting on his tie to clean the box. It just takes 4 minutes if I do it every day.
  2. After that I do load the dishwasher or unload it as much as I can until we have to leave the house. First thing I do when I come back from work is finish that task, even before changing into my at-home clothes (if I wear a suit, if I wear something dressy but machine washable I don't always change into jeans) so that the kitchen looks neat. I wipe the kitchen table and counter too. We do have an open kitchen, so if the kitchen looks messy, the whole house does look messy. It really makes a difference.
  3. DH made it a habbit to make the beds every morning. Again, that takes 5 minutes but makes a whole lot of difference.
  4. We do the "big" housecleaning on saturday and each of us has fixed tasks but we talk at the breakfasttable about what has to be done. So I do the bathrooms while DH is hoovering, so I can wash the floors while he is doing some other chores like changing bedsheets or doing the laundry

And here is my plan:

I do have Danish lessons every monday. I'm at home at 8.45 p.m. and there is a lot of evening left and DH is already playing on the pc, so what I want to do is having 15minutes of "fileing" time each monday. I'm going to buy an "in"-box where all the bills (payed) and the important letters like insurance stuff and so on goes in and I'll file them each week.

Another thing I want to do is to have 15 minutes of decluttering time each day. I'll set a timer and I'm going to have a certain part of the house/sewing room that I want to declutter that day like "third shelf of my fabric cabinett" and I do that for 15 minutes. Filing away, what can be filed away, throw away, what has to be thrown away, not just moving the clutter from one place to the other. This way, the task won't be overwhelming. I hope to have a fixed time like from 6.15 - 6.30 p.m. depending on when I'm at home.

Does anybody want to join me?


KayB hat gesagt…

Hi Tini, Flylady is a great idea and once you get used to this habit, it becomes natural. I'm shining my sink every night before I go to bed since February this year and only a couple of times (with a good reason) I omitted it. This little task is nothing special, but it feels great coming into a clean, tidy kitchen with a shiny sink every morning. It really made a difference for me! Good Luck! with all your task and try to hang in it, even if the going gets tough sometimes, it's so worth it!

Katrin hat gesagt…

After reading your post, I really should join you - especially the finling and decluttering thing...


bockstark.knits hat gesagt…

oh my god, you're actually doing something about your clutter? i was just complaining about mine, too lazy to do anything! :) but maybe your motivation will rub off on me, and don't forget to wear those heels!!!

Fabienne hat gesagt…

i think the fact that i just moved (we are three days in advance for the move!) and that i finished painting the bedroom before we were even supposed to be moved in (done yesterday), i think i will cut myself a little slack for the clutter. at least that is what i am saying to the significant other *smile*. if he wants to declutter, then by all means i won't stand in his way. *laugh* we also have no kitchen for a month while they are building it, and that is a great excuse to eat out!

alala hat gesagt…

Sure, I'll join you! We've been in the new house for a year, and though I took the time to make sure everything was organized when we moved in, things are starting to slide. I fell off the Flylady wagon quite some time ago. Must be time to clamber back on.

christina hat gesagt…

I should come up with a similar plan; thanks for the inspiration.

The funny thing is that, just like you, I clean the bathroom and my husband hoovers on Saturdays!

Katjaquilt hat gesagt…

I tried FLylady but I always had a problem with the time difference and the amount of mails was to much for me. So I joined Casablitzblanca and it works. But I have two kids and it is fairly difficult to have a cleaned house.