Dienstag, Oktober 09, 2007

More on PR weekend :)

O.k. my back is a lot better (thanks Mr. Physiotherapist) It is not completely good though. Need to go back!

So, I had a lovely time from last week tuesday when Sherry arrived till today when Sherry and Deepika left to go back to the U.S. Can you believe they actually came the whole way from the US to be with us as well as Annika did? Beside these nice three US ladies, Ruth a lady from the UK as well as Asa, her cute baby Rasmus, her really nice mum Ann as well as Karin attended the weekend!

Karin has already pics on her blog (I did not take any. Must have been the pain killers I was living on....)

All the ladies came over for dinner on Friday after a day full of nice shopping and I make some onion cake for all of them and they all gave me gifts! It was like having birthday twice a year. Ladies, you shouldn't have but I really appreciate each single gift!!!

Missing are: some Celestial Seasoning Tea packages I got from Deepika and the yummy caramel sauce that Asa brought from Sweden!
Thanks again everyone!


Isabelle hat gesagt…

Those gifts are all fantastic. Love the variety in them, those are gifts you will enjoy for a long time, and you can even enjoy some simultaneously ;)
Is that purple fabric dupioni silk? It's gorgeous!!
I love Celestial Seasonings teas :)
This was all very much deserved for all the work you put into organizing and hosting the event! Maybe next time I can join into the PR Europe weekend.

I'm sorry your back is not perfect yet... Hope you're feeling better today! *Hug*

madhatter hat gesagt…

superschöne geschenke - scheint als wäre das wochenende ein knaller gewesen, mal abgesehen vom rücken... gute besserung! ^-^

Tany hat gesagt…

Fantastic! Those gifts look awesome!! I'm glad you're feeling better!