Sonntag, Oktober 14, 2007

New WIP: Viva Scandinavia

Hi there,
after having had a lovely day with my local (o.k. does 2 hrs by car count as local?) sewing sisters, my sewing mojo is returning (plus I already sewed the coffeebags to the front and the bag of the latest coffeebag-bag-bag-bag.... So Victor, I'm not overdosed yet. To be honest I do have a senseo-machine in my office and 3 other colleagues are using it as well, so I'm collecting some of my stuff there!)

Tomorrow will be "sew-your-jacket-lining" night with a friend of mine, so I can start a new project today. Tini proudly presents "Viva scandinavia" my first real attempt on a vintage pattern. The most vintage I have made so far (besides maybe the corset and the victorian underskirt, both from "current" patterns) was a 70s pattern but this time I'll be using a pattern from 1960 which is IHMO more vintage :) than a 70s pattern.

The pattern is a Mccalls and was found by Annika in a thrift store in the US. Funnily I nearly bought a pretty close copy (a dress not a pattern) this summer in a store called "scandic" here in Kiel, which features scandinavian fashion. I believe it was Noa Noa but I can't find a pic online.

One of the fabrics I'll be using is vintage too. It is a pillowcase that I slept on as a small child and the main fabric is from IKEA. A bedsheet calle "Alvine Floral"

Although the pattern is just one size I'll be copying it, since I aspect to make some alterations.

The patterns measurements Mine(*cough*)

Bust 35inches 33,85 inches/86cm
Waist 29 inches* 31 inches
*please tell me that the ladies back then wore something to draw in their waists
Hip 39 inches 40 inches

That means that the bust may be too wide, the waist may be to small and the hips need more s.a. :)

Im between size 14.5 and 16.5 :) With todays vogue patterns I'm using size 12/14 and have a size 8 in rtw... just to compare

O.k. I think I'll be making a muslin of the top part of the dress (which has lots of darts! yeah! They are so great for fitting! Btw. it is not good to write fitting with a t as first letter...thick fingers here) LOL, I'll be making a mock of of the front placket too, just to practise. Reading summersets, Ericas, Tanys, Isabelles and all of you great sewers out there make me really want to get better!!


Kerstin hat gesagt…

Didn't you know that the ladies wear corsetts during that time?
No kidding...

Summerset hat gesagt…

Yeah! This will be exciting, I love the details on the dress! I really love that red/white fabric in the corner with the roses!

Ah, yes, the good old girdle, everyone's favorite undergarment! I already have a 50's figure, so I don't wear one, I wouldn't anyway, though!

Anyway, measurements. I am a 34" bust, but I find that the 32" bust patterns fit me, with plenty of ease. Patterns that are a 34" bust are too big overall for me. If you're making the full skirt version, the hips won't matter for this version. You are right to make a muslin for at least the bodice.

madhatter hat gesagt…

hüfthalter oder korsett sind gefragt - fakt ist, daß man unter solchen kleidern einfach eine "speckpresse" (wie sie hier liebevoll genannt werden) braucht. aber dein korsett haste ja schon :)
den stoff find ich übrigens sehr schön... hier liegt auch noch eine ikea-bettwäsche... allerdings eine andere *g*

den tippfehler hätte ich ZU gern gesehen... ich hätte dich sicher auch nicht drauf hingewiesen! *lol*

Åsa hat gesagt…

Oh, nice fabrics! I sort of regret not getting that red floral from the store in Hamburg, but there will always be more fabric...

Isabelle hat gesagt…

Can't wait to follow you on that project, Tini! I'm so honoured to know that my projects inspire you. You inspire me too! :)

Tany hat gesagt…

I use the exact same sizes (12-14 on Vogue, 8 in RTW)! This will be exciting to follow!