Montag, November 12, 2007

Games, secret pal and a finished object

Hi everybody,

I still feel uhm not well ( lets put it this way o.k.) I had a great weekend playing roleplaying-games at a small gathering, that I organized with a friend. Of course that involved a lot of talking and today my voice is still rough, although the meds seems to kick in and I can cough without the feeling of cracking my chest. And I do cough a lot. Nightrest is missing at the moment although I take something to help me sleep and make the coughing stop for the night. I'll be seeing my doc tomorrow after work.

I feel obliged to go to work because I was away all weekend and had a day off today. So no beeing ill tomorrow. Maybe from wednesday on but tomorrow I'm off to work!

Last week I received a nice parcel from my sp ( or was that the week before ) as I already wrote. I managed to take a pic today. There also was a light-reflector thingy in the parcel but that one is already on my jacket

There is a Tad Williams book ( I love love love his books! ), finnish licorice and some Jalapeno seeds, that my sp grew herself! I hope next summer will be great, because I think they might need some sun. I haven't tried the sweets yet, another sign that somethings wrong with me.

While beeing on our gaming weekend I managed to sneak in some knitting time an lo and behold I finished the "my so boring scarf"

Pattern: My so called scarf by sheep in the city
Yarn: 3 balls of Lana grossa Maxi Tosca, 55% new wool, 45% acrylic
Modifications: I cast on 48 stitches instead of 30 and used size 5 needles because I couldn't find bigger ones in my collection ( at least not circs...)
Made for: my dads birthday. Since my dad will use this scarf while working in the woods and since it is pretty likely that he'll loose it somewhere I decided to get some yarn, that is a) washable hence the acrylic and b) moderatly priced. This one did cost around 5 Euro per 50g

The knitting itself was easy but pretty boring. I don't know if it was the colour of the yarn, the yarn, the pattern or that it wasn't a sock... I like the result but I don't think that I'll be knitting a scarf soon again ( a lace shawl yes, but not a warm shawl)

I nearly finished the baby sleepingbag no. 1 today. It needs a bit of handsewing which will be done tonight while watching supernatural. And then it will be princess dress sewing....

Kitty shot of the day:

I was looking for Greebo today and it seems he has made a friend with my cushion-hippo on my closet


Saskia hat gesagt…

Tad Williams.... I loved the "Memory, Sorrow & Thorn" quadrology of Williams, really. I read them over and over again. But for about two years now I fight the first volume of "Otherland" and still am only in the first quarter of the book.
I was afraid of trying "Shadowmarch" after this experience. Please tell me how you like it, after you started, would you?

Isabelle hat gesagt…

I hope you're feeling better today, Tini!
Love your scarf, it looks so soft.

Love your kitty shot! We should do that for real - a kitty shot of the day... try and post a kitty pic every time we blog! :)

Take good care of yourself!