Samstag, November 17, 2007

An important project (plus the cutest kitty shots ever)

Hi there,

since I do feel a lot better today I returned home after doing some major shopping for our annual turkey dinner tomorrow ( 8 kg turkey....) to my sewing room to start on my nieces birthday gift. My niece Katharina ( the one from last posts picture) "needs" a princess Lillifee dress.
For those amongst you, who don't know princess Lillifee
that's her

The first "order" was: Can you sew me a princess dress for my birthday please? Of course since I'm superaunt (I'm the only aunt by the way....)
I got this pattern

It's burda 2480 since the new carnival catalog wasn't available at my pattern dealer at the time.
Plus I got some pink rayon and this lovely sparkly icky (oops) tulle that is stiff like h**l even after washing.

Since my niece is pretty short for her age (just like me) I decided to cut a size 122 in width (so she can put on the dress over her long-sleeved shirt ) and a size 110 in length and I didn't add any hem allowance. Lillifee's dress is short afterall ( by then I knew it had to be a Lillifee dress...)

I'm going to omit the overlay on top and will add the tulle not as a skirt but in overlapping petals (wish me luck). The sleeves will be also in the rayon.

The instructions have you interface the body of the dress. My fabric is very drapey and it would make sense to interface the fabric but I really don't like the idea of my niece wearing interfacing on her skin ( you know kids, even if they aren't supposed to take of their shirts, they just do...) so I'm going to underline the whole dress with a peachy pink cotton that I found in my stash. (yay stash reduction, the colour is awfull on me!! Don't ask me why I bought a lot of this fabric...)

And this is how far I got till now. I'll have to hide the whole stuff tomorrow as my niece is visiting me with her family

Kitty pics of the day:

My two little spoiled cats love to be handfed. We don't buy treats, so they just get some of their normal portion of dryfood from my hand.

Cookie is a little dumb and needs a bit to recognize that it is foot but after that he is really after the little dry bits:
Greebo first sniffs
(and now my favourite picture...)

and then gets really mad and I need to feed him pretty fast, my little beasty


Summerset hat gesagt…

LOL! That last picture of Greebo is hilarious! When we ran out of cat treats a few days ago, we started feeding them dry food as "treats". They didn't know the difference. We have one cat, too, that doesn't get the concept of a treat.

Good luck with that princess dress! I'm an aunt, too, but have been labelled "the crazy aunt".

madhatter hat gesagt…

das hat ein bißchen was von "friedhof der kuscheltiere"... irgendwie furchteinflößend.
und irgendwie bin ich doch froh, daß wir hunde haben ;)

Annika hat gesagt…

It looks sort of like Greebo is singing for his supper! I hope he doesn't mistake your fingers for food very often (my cat does - what a dummy!)

Isabelle hat gesagt…

Such funny cat pictures!! :)
The princess dress sounds a lot of fun. How sweet of you to be making this for your niece!
My nephew has every item imaginable in his closet, which makes sewing for him frustrating. Hopefully when he's a bit older, he'll want to order things from his auntie as well! :)

I'm glad you're feeling better!

Kerstin hat gesagt…

Oh, what a little tiger... groar.. gimme treats or I roar! *ggg*

My cat prefers more delicat things than dry food... bit of ham is more her taste. Or cheese... and then you have to take good care of your fingers.

Sweet little dress, but I think you're going to curse when it comes to the tulle. ;)

Sushi hat gesagt…

*lol* Greebo the vampire-cat from hell :)

Tany hat gesagt…

LOVELY cat pictures! The last one is my favorite too!