Mittwoch, November 21, 2007

Knitters denial...

Hi everybody,

since DH had to work really late yesterday ( he came home at 10 pm) I cuddled up on my sofa yesterday, watched some CSI (there is CSI on nearly every day, so you can be sure, whenever you put on the tv in the evening to find CSI and that is o.k. with me, since it is good for knitting...) and turned the heel on Annikas Vinnland No.1

I measured the foot and for a split second I thought:" mmh, I should rip back to the 14 cm I need instead of going on with the 17 cm I knitted so far. "But then I thought :"I'm going to be o.k" and turned the heel carefully. I even ripped a bit out after making a small mistakes a couple of rows ago.

DH came home and tried them on. His feet are as wide as Annikas but I measured his foot and it is 3 cm longer than hers... The socks were too long for him... gnarf....

So I'll be happily ripping out stuff today! gnarf

I should have sewn on the dress for my niece instead....



I'll make a pic before ripping back I promise

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Annika hat gesagt…

gnarf! gnarf! fiddly poo! I am sorry about that sock! I cannot believe that H's feet are actually bigger than mine as I hold the world's record for size "e" for enormous feet!