Samstag, November 24, 2007

Mail call

When I came home yesterday there was a parcel waiting for me at my neighbours and there was a notice from DHL that there were 2 parcels waiting for me at the post office.

First I opened the parcel that my neighbours had for me, because it contained some stuff for my sp11 pal and I wanted to ship it today plus some stuff, that I'll be shipping to someone else.
The parcel was from Das Wollschaf and I had fun dyeing stuff today, I won't say more until the parcel reaches its destiny

Things for me in this parcel were some nut-shells that are good for washing stuff and some sockyarn. Some undyed and a skein of plant dyed yarn. The content is 80% wool, 20% Ramie. Can you believe this yarn is dyed with plants??

So besides dyeing a lot today (DH is not at home the whole day) I went and got my parcels from the post office.
First the Threads mags are already here and the stamp said 36 USD...
and then there was a parcel from Deepika (from see what she made me ( I believe she made this)

A lovely bracelett with a tiny pair of scissors and a dangly thingy that says " I love 2 sew" plus a book hook with a tiny silver ball of yarn AND a great great great knitted and felted handbag. My co-workers always admires the great handbags that I get from all around the world.

Some knitting was done today too, so here's the progress I made on the vinnland socks for Annika

And this is how the sock looked tuesday.... but thanks to beeing sick at home for 2 more days I finished the first sock yesterday and casted on the next today. No second sock syndrome here

Last week was the birthday week from my fellow bloggers and friends from "Elfen und Kampfzwerge" so I dyed each of them a special skein of yarn

Kerstin (Helfeelfe) got a skein "Piraten!! Piraten!!" because she just loves POTC
and Charlotte (Kampfzwerg) got a skein called "The blaue Lagune" because she deserves to go to one some day and she likes turquoise and blues and teals

o.k. I'm off to a friend now, we are going to have a sew-in and I hope to make good progress on my nieces dress (all pieces are underlined and I have dyed some silk to make a bias binding for the "flower"petals


madhatter hat gesagt…

dear, you're busy, huh?!? :)

Elemmaciltur hat gesagt…

Wow! Kampfzwerg und Blaue Lagune sind echt super schön! Und ich glaube, ich sollte bald meine Vinnlands wieder rausgraben und neu stricken.

bockstark.knits hat gesagt…

great yarn - your friends are lucky! and those gothic spires and project bag look familiar! ;)

Annika hat gesagt…

I LOVE those socks! I love all your yarn colors!

Isabelle hat gesagt…

So, 36 dollars translated to 44 euro?! Bad, bad seller!! I hope you claim the difference back.

Your wool is gorgeous, I especially like the last skein you showed... beautiful!
Your socks are going to look great!

Deepika's gift is adorable.

I hope you're doing better!